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SHARP 4 Sports

Ford Ice Center - Antioch
Ford Ice Center - Bellevue

Program Overview

The Specialized High Aptitude Resource Program offers athletes, parents, and coaches participation in a unique program which is designed to provide opportunities for accelerated learning, skill development, as well as exposure to sport facilitated emotional, intellectual, and physical engagement in many relevant areas.  
Kori Ade has been training her national, world and Olympic athletes using this methodology for over twenty years and has now made it accessible through SHARP 4 Sports.  Kori believes in training the whole athlete and as a result has produced champions both in life and on the ice. 

SHARP 4 Sports Mission

To implement a program within sports whereby athletes, coaches, and parents communicate with a shared vision, purpose, and intention. 

To foster an optimal environment by providing resources for support of each athlete's potential through education, opportunity, and integrity. 

To develop young individual's talent within continuous physical, emotional, and intellectual growth in an effort to produce balanced, healthy, and successful athletes. 

Athlete Track


The Athlete Track offers:
- A methodology and sport-science based progression of skills and concepts
- A comprehensive curriculum designed as a tool for growth and development
- Access to a multitude of worksheets, drills and exercises to complement training plans
- Invitations to special events with World/Olympic coaches and elite professionals
- Webinar involvement to assist in mental training, communication and seasonal planning
- Daily/weekly updates, motivation, tips and tricks, videos and more!

Parent Education Track


The Parent Education Track offers:
- A support system for the parent/child dynamic
- Successful communication tips and tools 
- Ways to assess progress and potential in your athlete
- A guideline on managing your athlete's emotional/mental growth and maturity
- Empowerment for advocacy 
- Guidelines for appropriate expectations, communication, and healthy relationships

Coaching Track


The Coaching Track offers:
- Continuous support for you as a professional
- A guide of technical and tactical information 
- A universal guideline for building your athletes from the beginning stages
- Material for coaching the "whole athlete"
- Webinar involvement to assist in communication and seasonal planning
- Daily/weekly updates, tips and tricks, videos and more! 

SHARP Is Not... SHARP Is...
Learn-To-Play Learn how to play with integrity, honesty, and the highest possible quality experience in every chosen sport
A technique A methodology to empower athletes through a holistic approach to achieving potential
Your coach (or intended to replace your coach or training environment) A valuable tool to use with your coach which can strengthen communication and streamline information between coach, athlete, and parent
One dimensional skill acquisition A multi-dimensional matrix of information for kinetic, visual, and auditory learning
A list of skills Foundational support which assumes that every athlete entering a paradigm of learning should be granted access to equal opportunity for excellence

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