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SHARP 4 Sports: Adult Camp

Thank you to all of the 2019 participants who joined us in Nashville!

2020 Details Soon To Be Released!

Adult Camp Refresh Webinars

Feeling like you need a refresh of the information provided at camp?!?  We know a lot was delivered to you in a short amount of time.  We want to help recap all of the incredible things you learned throughout our event weekend.  

Join Kori Ade as she provides a recap of on and off-ice exercises, technique tips and much, much more.  All registrants will have the ability to submit questions through the registration process so we are sure to cover the important information you are looking to obtain.  

Missed the event?  No worries!  All webinars are recorded and posted for viewing at a later date.  Registrants will have access to sessions upon completing the registration link below. 

S4S Members: $10, Non-Members: $15

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August 9-11, 2019 - Ford Ice Center

Join SHARP 4 Sports for our 4th annual Adult Camp!  An elite staff of national, international, and Olympic coaches have been selected for this event to assist in providing you with the knowledge and expertise to continue to progress within your journey.  The information below details the available tracks, seminar topics, and registration information.  We hope you will all join us at our new training site in Nashville, TN to learn, develop, and most of all, have fun!  We look forward to fostering the passion and love of figure skating in all adults nationwide!

Event Endorsements

"Wherever I go, I meet skaters of all ages and descriptions.  Possibly the most fascinating are the adult skaters whose passion for learning and growing in our sport is inspiring.  They love and pursue skating in such a beautiful way, but their needs are unique.  That is why we are having a special camp just for adults.  Coming this August, adult skaters can come to Nashville and celebrate their love of skating with other adults in a camp created just for them.  

Skating is fun!  And it's truly special when shared with other's with the same passion and goals."

- Scott Hamilton, Olympic Champion

"I can't wait to share with the adult skating community what great things we now have to offer at our annual adult camp!  Same philosophy, format, and fun immersion weekend but in our amazing new training environment!  This year we will offer three different tracks and an ice dance track at the camp.  I'm bursting with excitement at all that we have to offer in staff, facilities, and location!  Join us August 9-11, 2019 to kick off your fall training!"

- Kori Ade, Olympic Figure Skating Coach

Join Us! National, World, & Olympic Speakers & Coaches!

Event Staff
Scott Hamilton Olympic Champion, Cancer Survivor, Broadcaster, Motivator, Author, Eternal Optimist
Kori Ade Master Rated, US National, World, Olympic Figure Skating Coach, SHARP 4 Sports Owner & Head Coach
Yuriy Kocherzhenko Olympic Team Member, 2-Time World Championship competitor, World Jr. Championship competitor, 2-Time Ukrainian National Champion
Emily Oltmanns US National/International Figure Skating Coach, Off-Ice Specialist, SHARP 4 Sports Head Coach
Peter Sasmore US National/International Competitor, National/World Team Coach & Choreographer, Adult National/International Competitor
Paula Trujillo PSA Master Rated Choreographer/Toured 10 Years with the Ice Capades/Scott Hamilton Skating Academy Manager
Mallory Wetherington NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, Orange Theory Fitness Coach, SHARP 4 Sports Coach
Pat Graves Motivational Speaker, Coach, "Flip-A-Day" Mental Health Inspiration
Heather Aseltine Event Director, SHARP 4 Sports Owner
SHARP 4 Sports Organization Additional elite coaches assisting with sessions.

Available Tracks

Group 1: This track will concentrate on those skaters building their foundation in the sport.  Beginning spins and jumps will be executed while learning the exercises and drills needed to begin to tackle an Axel. 

Group 2: Is your Axel almost consistent or are you are starting to focus on developing your single jumps into doubles?  This is the track for you!   Sessions will focus on jump technique, bridging the gap between single and double rotations while giving you the confidence to increase your technical difficulty.

Group 3:  You're movin' and groovin'!  Challenge yourself with higher level doubles and taking your standard jumps to the next level with sequences, combinations, and technical challenges we'll throw your way!

Group 4:  Ice Dancers... we're feelin' the beat!  Join us for some general sessions to build your strength, get you in a good mindset and set goals for the future while then taking things to the next level with track-specific sessions.  From rehearsing pattern dances, skating skills, advanced turns to focusing on costume/performance development, we're ready to watch you shine!

2018 Memories...
Join Us At Our New Site, Y'all!

Event Schedules

Adult Camp Fees

Registration (June 1 - July 14) $450
Coach Registration $99
Coach (3+ Participating Athletes) FREE!

Facility Information

Ford Ice Center
5264 Hickory Hollow Pkwy,
Antioch, TN 37013
(615) 742-4399

Nearby Attractions

Grand Ole Opry
Bridgestone Arena
Music City
Broadway Street
Country Music Hall of Fame
Check out Nashville!

Airport Information

Nashville International Airport
1 Terminal Drive Suite 501
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 275-1675
Code: BNA

Event Testimonials

The camp was so amazing to not only be taken seriously as an adult skater, but to also be given access to such incredible knowledge through the staff.  I connected with so many wonderful people, learned so much, was challenged, and feel so much more confident in moving forward!  I can’t wait to come back and do it all again next year! 

-          Tracey Zilkie

At the camp the pervasive thought was “of course you can”.  That was Kori’s response when I said I couldn’t do a loop jump.  And she showed me I could. In seconds.  Everyone treated us like athletes and artists.  Constantly reinforcing that we are.  They also didn’t coddle us because we were adults of a certain age.  It was a very safe space to try new things and grow our skills.  It was an amazing experience.

-          Scott Davis

The camp was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to come back!  The camp was so inspiring on multiple levels!  First, you get to learn from the most talented coaches out there and be respected as an adult skater.  Additionally, being among other adults that are as crazy and passionate as you are about figure skating was heartwarming and exciting.  As a relatively new adult skater, I’ve learned so much more about skating, off-ice conditioning and mental prep.  The camp was extremely well-organized and everything ran so smoothly, it was pure joy!  I can’t wait to go back next year!

-          Gaia Shamis

This camp was a wonderful break from the daily grind and I returned home feeling totally energized.  What a fantastic opportunity to do something I love, for three days straight, with a great group who love it as much as I do!  Everyone at the rink was very welcoming and seemed genuinely excited to have us there.  My goals going into the event were to learn more about the mental aspects of skating, gain some new techniques or exercises to incorporate into practices at my home rink and meet other adults who skate.  I accomplished all of these and more.  I appreciated the dual emphasis on technique and “joy of skating”.  As an adult who skates, I am primarily doing it because I love it, but I also want to push myself to achieve my full potential.  The camp was perfect for helping me move forward towards that goal.  I can’t wait to skate with you guys again!

-          Lauren Wojcik

The camp is a unique experience where I not only have learned amazing new skills from phenomenal coaches, but I have formed lifelong friends with adults that share the same passion for skating I do.  Every coach is out there to help each and every skater get better and reach their individual goals!  They have pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I cannot wait to come back next year to learn more!

-          Asal Salehpoor

Adult camp is everything I could have hoped for, packaged into a wonderful three-day experience. While the event is geared toward adult skaters, the training we received both on and off the ice could easily have been targeted at elite skaters. The fantastic team of coaches, choreographers, and trainers focused on the various aspects of mental and physical conditioning essential to the success of any athlete, regardless of level. I'm grateful to the staff for their boundless enthusiasm, to the elite athletes who came out to answer questions and show their support for adult skating, and for the opportunity to meet so many other adult skaters just as passionate about this sport as I am over the course of one unforgettable weekend. Next year's event can't come quickly enough!

-          Andrew Sass

The camp is truly a transformative experience not only for the body, but also the mind and soul.  Kori and the staff of top level coaches with their infectious positive energy pushed me to an entirely new level of skating with the combination of on and off ice sessions and mental training seminars!  I also met a wonderfully supportive group of skaters that share my passion.

-          Monika Benitez

Get inspired by a world-class coaching team and fellow skaters! The workshop is a great mixture of on-ice & off-ice sessions and class-room training. From the very first minute (thanks Heather -  I love the binder & practical stuff) you feel the dedication to this event and to Adult Skating. For 3 days, we were a part of this rink and we all shared the love and passion for skating no matter of age, ability or previous results.

-          Irina Koeltzsch

I have attended the camp for two years in a row and have begun referring younger skaters at my rink to their events.  Their instruction has me working on skills and executing elements that I never thought possible!  Kori and her team take a holistic approach to coaching the whole athlete - mind and body, on and off the ice.  They show you how you progress rather than just flying from the seat of your pants.  You will return home with an action plan that you can use for your training that will hold yourself, and your primary coach(es) accountable for your progress and success.

-  Aimee Ricca

I truly did not know what to expect when I signed up.  I consider myself an introvert and can sometimes shut down when in large groups.  As anxious as I was I felt so welcomed by the staff the very first day.  After seeing a couple of faces I recognized everything else fell into place.  I let myself roll with whatever happened.  I pushed myself to step up and introduce myself to other skaters.  I learned something from each experience at each class whether on ice of off ice.  I never thought I could do a wonky by okay cartwheel!  No matter what level you were, the coaches and elite skaters made us all feel special.  Thank you for that.

- Jose Quinones-Finch

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