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Welcome to the 2020 Edea from Skates US Virtual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge!  On behalf of Edea from Skates US, SHARP 4 Sports and Skate Great Enterprises, we are proud to announce this year's event will be available for all ages and levels to participate virtually through individual video submissions.  All skaters will also have the unique opportunity to represent their home club, rink facility or university to earn a cumulative score leading to the chance to win prize money towards their organization.  

This event is open to any US skater.  Competitors are able to participate in both the on-ice and off-ice events for their level. Athletes worked very hard during the stay at home orders to develop their off-ice jump technique and now have the opportunity to display those skills through a competitive experience.  Competitors do have the option to sign up for their competition level and events up to two levels higher than their tested level, plus additional events such as the Backflip Challenge and/or representing their college/university in the Collegiate division.  Separate registrations will need to be filed per level.

Example: Intermediate Skater - Eligible for Intermediate On Ice & Off-Ice Jumps, Novice On & Off-Ice Jumps, Junior On & Off-Ice Jumps, Backflip Challenge

Lynn Goldman is the chief referee for all events.

For the Novice level and below, underrotated jumps are not penalized in the SOV but do receive a lower GOE score.  No bonus values are awarded.  Additional scoring information is provided below.  

Skaters who are ranked in 1st place after the Junior and Senior on ice events only will receive an invitation to compete with the elite international skaters.  They will be given 48 hours from notification to film and submit their new jumping requirements.

Collegiate competitors are able to compete in the collegiate category as well as any of the standard leveled categories.  Please enter your college/university into the representation box during registration.

Join us each Friday night for a viewing party that will display the skaters who ranked in the top 5 of their level category.  Prior to the show, these skaters will be entered into a championship event scored by celebrity judges such as Frank Carroll, Carol Heiss, John Nicks, Audrey Weisiger, Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano, Max Aaron, Kimmie Meissner, Joshua Farris, Paul Wylie, Sean Rabbitt, Gale Tanger, Joe Inman and many more!  Their final placement will receive special acknowledgement on this event website. 

All skaters will be able to watch their video submission as well as all of their friends or teammate's performances through the website. 

Participation is $75 per event.  Late entries will incur a fee of $25.  If the event is in the judging phase, late entries will not be accepted. 

At the time of registration, athletes will select their (USFS) home club, (ISI) rink facility or collegiate university team. Their final point total will be added to their teammates score to build the organization's cumulative total.  Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 organizations in each category.

Prize Money:
1st Place: $1,000, 2nd Place: $500, 3rd Place: $250 

This aspect of the AFSC encourages camaraderie and team spirit.  We hope that you will cheer on your teammates and show your passion for the sport by utilizing the AFSC social media accounts.  Organizational ranks will be updated with the conclusion of each viewing party. 

All event updates, notifications, special announcements and performance highlights, will be a part of the social media distribution process.  To follow and cheer on friends/teammates, please follow us at: 


Aerial Figure Skating Challenge
Skates U.S. Page
Edea Skates Page

Aerial FigureSkating Challenge


Tag us in your preparation posts for the event as well as fun viewing party snapshots cheering on your friends!

Elite international athletes will complete the competition by submitting one continuous video containing all three rounds of jumping elements.  
Females: Video = 2 minute max., Males: Video = 3 minute max.

A mix of celebrity judges (former US and World Champions) and top level judges will assess a Grade of Execution (GOE) for each jump element performed based on a scale of 6-10 (with up to one decimal point).  In the live viewing party on November 13th, the top 10 best scores from the semi-final round will advance to the final round and the top 5 best scores from the final round will advance to the Championship round.  The winner of the ladies' and men's events will be the skater(s) with the highest cumulative point total from all three rounds.

No programs/choreography will be used for the event.  Ladies and men will compete separately with prize money being awarded to the top three men and ladies' finishers.

Prize Money:
1st Place: $1,250          2nd Place: $750          3rd Place: $500

The athlete completing the highest jump measured by airtime during any round of the this event (male or female) will receive prize money in the amount of $500.  

Standard backflips and backflips with variations (1-foot landing, twisting in the air, backflip into a jump, etc.) can be executed both on and off the ice.  Creativity is encouraged!  Participants are able to enter the on-ice and/or off-ice challenge.  Genders will be combined for each event. 

Standard Backflip: On-Ice, Standard Backflip: Off-Ice
Backflip w/Variation: On-Ice, Backflip w/Variation: Off-Ice

Prize Money:
Standard Backflip 1st Place: $250 (on-ice event only)
Variation Backflip 1st Place: $250 (on-ice event only)

Video entries consist of one flip with a recording that is no more than 30 seconds in length. 

Please follow the instructions below in order to submit the best video possible for your athlete's event.  It is recommended that each skater's coach films their jump clip and the file be submitted by coach or family member.  The recording must be produced on or after September 1, 2020.

- Videos can be recorded with a phone, tablet, computer or camera.  Newer technology offers a potential advantage in GOE due to the enhanced viewing experience.
- Videos cannot be filmed through plexiglass.
- Filming should be done in landscape position. 
- The video angle should be from the center line of the rink and continuous at all times.  If participating in the off-ice jump event, please film from a center vantage point aimed directly at the skater.  Emptier sessions provide better recording opportunities.
- Both of the skater's jump elements must be completely viewable and have no obstructing skaters or objects blocking the recording.
- All clips need to be 45 seconds or less.  Junior and Senior events will be 1 minute or less. 
- Both jumping elements need to appear in one continuous video.
- Skills must be performed in the order they are listed (solo jump then combination jump).
- No edits are allowed.  If any tampering of the video is recognized, the entry will be void and a refund for the event will not be provided. 
- Choreography will not be judged; however, connecting steps are permitted between elements.
- Video begins as the skater is already traveling into their first skill.
- Skater can bow/curtsy at the conclusion of the video.

Off-Ice Jump Events
- Video should be taken from one central angle facing away from any major light source.  
- Skater will execute each jump keeping the jumping pass in the frame at all times (including head and feet).
- No choreography is needed before, in between or after the two jump elements. 

At the start of the video, the coach (or parent) will announce the following:
Name, Level, Club
Name, Level, Rink
Name, Level, University

If your video is not submitted within the stated time frame for your level grouping, your registration will become void and a refund will not be provided. 

Registration will take place in advance of the required video submission time frame.  This will allow each athlete to enter the event, plan in advance, rehearse their skills and film their event performance.  

Athletes will have one week from the registration deadline to submit their recording for review.   Please make sure you verify the date time frames for your specific level.  Please follow the steps below: 

- Prepare an email to ""
- Email Title: "2020 Edea from Skates US Virtual Aerial Figure Skating Challenge - <Insert Level>"
- Videos can be attached or mail dropped to this address (depending on size). 
- .MOV or .MP4 files only
- Within the email, please list the athlete's full name, level, and club/rink/university they are representing. 
- After sending the email, you will receive a confirmation email once your video has been downloaded and reviewed. 

Competitors will have a choice of attire for their submitted video.  The requirement is that all apparel is athletic in nature and assists the judges in seeing proper body and rotational positioning and grade of execution of each skill performed. 

Competition costumes can be worn during the event.  Dark colors, in contrast to the ice, will assist in easy viewing on the judge's behalf.  The overall objective is to create the best presentation of your skill set as possible to achieve the gold medal standard. 

Skaters will submit their planned content during the registration process.  Should their jump elements change prior to their video submission, updated planned content can be stated in their video submission email.  

The base value of each element will be initially calculated according to the most current International Skating Union SOV.  A panel of 5 judges will then submit their GOE scores using a 6-10 ranking based on the performance value of the skill.  The highest and lowest score will be thrown out and the remaining three scores per element will be averaged.  The average GOE's of each element will be added to the Base Value of the jump elements to determine the total score.

Through the registration process, participants will have the option of purchasing a medal from the event that will be mailed to them at the conclusion of the series.  If a medal is purchased, the average score of the two elements will decide the type of medal you receive.  Skaters in ALL levels are able to secure a 1st place medal by receiving all 10's from at least 4 out of 5 judges per skill.  This is considered the "Gold Medal Standard"!  

Sample Scorechart

10 = 1st Place
9-9.99 = 2nd Place
8-8.99 = 3rd Place
7-7.99 = 4th Place
6-6.99 = 5th Place

Ranking: Your ranking will be determined by the following data:

Base Value Total (Solo Jump + Combination Jumps) + GOE Average (Solo Jump) + GOE Average (Combination Jump) = Total Score

The top 5 performances in all categories will be entered into a championship event in which they will be judged by a panel of celebrity judges and will appear on our viewing party show!  Final top 5 rankings will then receive special acknowledgement on social media and website platforms.  For all categories, the top 25 ranked skaters will be listed on this event website.  

Need the perfect apparel for your viewing party?  Or maybe a fun group shirt to facilitate team spirit?  Please use the link below to select your apparel item, add the event logo, personalize with your name and have it shipped right to your door!  Order now and enjoy wearing your swag during the full event!

- T-Shirts
- Tank Tops
- Hoodies
- Sweatshirts
- Vests
- Hats
- Leggings

And so much more!

During each viewing party, ad space of up to 10 seconds in length, will be available throughout the production.  Viewing communities in past years have reached worldwide status.  This opportunity is a great outlet for organizations to provide a message to those involved in the sport of figure skating.  Ad space using a static image or professional video can be purchased using the link below.  SHARP 4 Sports and Skate Great Enterprises reserve the right to deny any media that is in direct competition with the event team or does not fit the values of all organizations involved in the event. 

Static Image (6-8 seconds in length)
Professional Video Ad (Up to 10 seconds in length)
Multi-Show Discounts Available Below

Please submit all media to  For videos of high file size, please reach out to us and we will coordinate a plan for the file transfer. 

Purchase a message space for your skater, club, university or group of friends!  Messages will appear on the event website and will be displayed throughout the full competition time frame.  Messages are $10 each and can be purchased through the link below. 

Event Eligibility

Level On-Ice Jump Off-Ice Jump Registration Deadline Video Submission Deadline Viewing Party
Pre-Preliminary X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 9
Preliminary X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 9
Pre-Juvenile X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 16
Juvenile X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 23
Intermediate X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 23
Novice X X CLOSED Monday, October 19 Friday, October 30
Junior X X CLOSED Monday, October 19 Friday, October 30
Senior X X Saturday, October 24 Monday, October 26 Friday, November 6
Backflip Challenge X X Saturday, October 24 Monday, October 26 Friday, November 6
Elite Int'l Athletes X - Saturday, October 31 Monday, November 2 Friday, November 13
Collegiate Category X X Saturday, October 24 Monday, October 26 Friday, November 6
Adults: Beginner-Bronze X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 16
Adults: Silver/Gold X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 16
Adults: Masters X X CLOSED CLOSED Friday, October 16

Jump Elements By Level

Level Level Solo Jump Combination Jump
Pre-Preliminary FS 5 Axel Axel Combination (2-3 Jumps) (See Additional Element Rules)
Preliminary FS 6-8 Double Salchow Axel+Double Toe or Axel+Double Loop
Pre-Juvenile FS 8-9 Double Loop Double Flip or Double Lutz Combination (2-3 Jumps) (See Additional Element Rules)
Juvenile FS 9 Double Axel Double Lutz+Double Loop
Intermediate FS 10 Triple of Choice Double Axel Combination (2-3 Jumps) (See Additional Element Rules)
Novice FS 10 Double Axel Triple Combination of Choice (2-3 Jumps) (See Additional Element Rules)
Junior FS 10 Triple Lutz Double Axel+Triple Toe
Senior FS 10 Triple of Choice Triple/Triple Combination of Choice (See Additional Element Rules)
Elite Females (Invite Only) - Round 1 - - 3 Jump Combination (See Additional Element Rules)
Elite Females (Invite Only) - Round 2 - - 2 Jump Combination (See Additional Element Rules)
Elite Females (Invite Only) - Round 3 - 3 Axel or Quad Jump -
Elite Males (Invite Only) - Round 1 - - 3 Jump Combination (See Additional Element Rules)
Elite Males (Invite Only) - Round 2 - - 3 Axel Combination (Unlimited Jumps)
Elite Males (Invite Only) - Round 3 - - Back-To-Back Quads (See Additional Element Rules)
Collegiate Category FS 7-10 Double Loop Combination Containing A Double Toe (2-3 Jumps)(See Additional Element Rules)
Adults: Beginner-Bronze FS 3-5 Waltz Jump Combination Containing A Toe Loop (2-3 Jumps) (See Additional Element Rules)
Adults: Silver/Gold FS 4-7 Loop Jump or Single Axel Single/Single or Double/Single Combination (2 Jumps Only) (See Add. Element Rules)
Adults: Masters FS 4-9 Single or Double Loop Single/Single, Double/Single, or Double/Double Combination (See Add. Element Rules)

Additional Element Rules

Level Rules
Pre-Preliminary No doubles allowed. No axel-tap toe-axel permitted.
Pre-Juvenile All jumps must be different. Double loop cannot be included in the jump combination.
Intermediate No triple jumps allowed in the combination.
Novice More than one triple is allowed.
Senior All three triples must be different. Combination is only two jumps. 3A is permitted.
Collegiate Double toe may be repeated. Double loop may not be repeated. Double axel is permiitted.
Elite Females - Round 1 Combination must include at least two different triple jumps.
Elite Females - Round 2 Second jump must be a triple toe or triple loop jump.
Elite Males - Round 1 Combination must include at least two different triple jumps.
Elite Males - Round 3 Men who complete 2 different quads will receive a 3-point bonus on their final score.
Adults: Beginner-Bronze No axels. Toe loop can be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd jump in the combination. Jumps may be repeated.
Adults: Silver/Gold Double salchow or toe loop only.
Adults: Masters Combination element is two jumps only. Jumps may be repeated.

Home Club Rankings (After Show #2)

Rank Club Points
1 World Arena Skating Academy 144.763
2 San Diego Figure Skating Club 116.958
3 The Skating Club of New York 73.665
4 Scott Hamilton Skating Club 72.031
5 Center Ice of Oaks Figure Skating Club 66.999
6 Gilmour Academy Figure Skating Club 53.131
7 Tacoma Figure Skating Club 47.765
8 Alaska Association of Figure Skaters 41.733
9 Skating Club of San Francisco 40.866
10 Columbia Assocation 40.532


Rank Club Points
1 Penn State University 19.496
Level Grand Champion
Elite Ladies
Elite Men
Backflip Variation (On-Ice)
Backflip Variation (Off-Ice)
Backflip Standard (On-Ice)
Backflip Standard (Off-Ice)
Adult: Masters Ladies On Ice Jump Challenge Cassandra Wilfert, Northeast Figure Skating Club
Adult: Masters Ladies Off-Ice Jump Challenge Rachel Duran, Los Angeles Figure Skating Club
Adult: Masters Men On Ice Jump Challenge Demis Maryannakis, The Skating Club of New York
Adult: Silver/Gold Ladies On Ice Jump Challenge Eva Meyer, Richmond Figure Skating Club
Adult: Silver/Gold Ladies Off-Ice Jump Challenge Jessica Licari, The Skating Club of New York
Adult: Silver/Gold Men (On-Ice) Alan Emerick, Red Rose Figure Skating Club
Adult: Beginner-Bronze Ladies On Ice Jump Challenge Inna McIntyre, San Diego Figure Skating Club
Adult: Beginner-Bronze Men On Ice Jump Challenge Dennis Johnson, Individual Member
Adult: Beginner-Bronze Men Off-Ice Jump Challenge Joshua Paik, Penn State University
Collegiate Ladies (On-Ice)
Collegiate Ladies (Off-Ice)
Collegiate Men (On-Ice)
Collegiate Men (Off-Ice)
Senior Ladies (On-Ice)
Senior Ladies (Off-Ice)
Senior Men (On-Ice)
Senior Men (Off-Ice)
Junior Ladies (On-Ice)
Junior Ladies (Off-Ice)
Junior Men (On-Ice)
Junior Men (Off-Ice)
Novice Ladies (On-Ice)
Novice Ladies (Off-Ice)
Novice Men (On-Ice)
Novice Men (Off-Ice)
Intermediate Ladies (On-Ice)
Intermediate Ladies (Off-Ice)
Intermediate Men (On-Ice)
Intermediate Men (Off-Ice)
Juvenile Girls (On-Ice)
Juvenile Girls (Off-Ice)
Juvenile Boys (On-Ice)
Juvenile Boys (Off-Ice)
Pre-Juvenile Girls On Ice Jump Challenge Danica Langhelm, Tacoma Figure Skating Club
Pre-Juvenile Girls Off-Ice Jump Challenge Lila Boerner, Philadelphia Skating Club
Pre-Juvenile Boys On Ice Jump Challenge Luke Fischer, World Arena Skating Academy
Preliminary Girls On Ice Jump Challenge Lucia Raggazino, Center Ice of Oaks Figure Skating Club
Preliminary Girls Off-Ice Jump Challenge Scarlett Sherlock, Alaska Association of Figure Skaters
Pre-Preliminary Girls On Ice Jump Challenge Caroline Xiang, Center Ice of Oaks Figure Skating Club
Pre-Preliminary Girls Off-Ice Jump Challenge Reidun Olsen-Makdessian, Skating Club of San Francisco
Pre-Preliminary Boys On Ice Jump Challenge Ryan Giordano, Martha's Vineyard Figure Skating Club
Pre-Preliminary Boys Off-Ice Jump Challenge Noah Ryu, Columbia Association