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Figure Skating Athlete Track

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SHARP 4 Sports

SHARP Is Not... SHARP Is...
Learn-To-Skate program A science based progression of skills along with explicit instruction support on "how to", "when to", and "where to" with regard to building a strong skating foundation
A technique A methodology to empower athletes through a holistic approach to achieving potential
Your coach (or intended to replace your coach or training environment) A valuable tool to use with your coach which can strengthen communication and streamline information between coach, athlete and parent
One dimensional skill acquisition A multi-dimensional matrix of information for kinetic, visual, and auditory learning
A list of skills Foundational support which assumes that every athlete entering a paradigm of learning should be granted access to equal opportunity for excellence
Counter intuitive to Skate USA/ISI/ISU A matriculation of learning concepts
A replacement for standardized and mandatory existing progress metrics (i.e. USFS MIF or free skate tests, CAN-skate levels, ISI Basic through Freestyle 10, etc.) A parallel, yet highly comprehensive, set of developmental tools to enhance and exceed expected mastery of skills

Athlete Track Overview

The athlete track includes a comprehensive curriculum designed as a tool for athletes to grow their potential as skaters.  It can be used by coaches as a guide for their athletes as well.  This track will include skills expected to be introduced, learned and then mastered in an effort to grow the skater in the most comprehensive way possible.  Along with the curriculum provided, the athletes will have access to many worksheets, drills, and exercises to enhance and expedite learning in a user-friendly and age-appropriate format.  Concepts are introduced in a methodology-based manner and re-occur throughout an athlete's progression.  Continuity, therefore, is an important aspect of this sport-science based program.

How do I get involved?

Step 1: Determine Your Level
Using the SHARP Track chart below, determine your team level by referencing your current USFS class or competitive level. 

Step 2: Registration
Using the link below, please fill out the registration form.  Memberships are available in a variety of three packages: 2-Month Trial, 6-Month Membership and Annual Membership.  Participants in the Bridge Team 1 level will be provided with a free membership while starting the program.  Once your registration has been completed, you will receive access to a personalized athlete portal and information regarding the next steps of your involvement within the program.

This track is aimed at developing competitive elite athletes in which skill level and age is tracked carefully for proper progression from the first steps on the ice to potentially reaching the Jr. International circuit by the age of 15.  Progression of skills will be congruent with athletic development, emotional readiness, maturity and commitment.  These factors will be considerations for inclusion of those athletes selected for this track.  

Team Age USFS Level ISI Level
Elite Team Minimum Age: 15 International Senior -
Elite Team 13 - 18 International Junior -
Junior Elite Team 11 - 15 Jr. National Competitor -
Advanced Team 2 11 - 15 Junior/Senior -
Advanced Team 1 10 - 14 Novice Freestyle 10
Qualifying Team 2 9 - 13 Intermediate Freestyle 9 - 10
Qualifying Team 1 8 - 12 Juvenile Freestyle 9 - 10
Developmental Team 2 7 - 11 Preliminary/Pre-Juvenile Freestyle 6 - 9
Developmental Team 1 6 - 9 Free Skate 6/Pre-Preliminary Freestyle 4 - 5 (Adv)
Bridge Team 4 5 - 8 Free Skate 1-5 Freestyle 4 - 5 (Beg)
Bridge Team 3 4 - 7 Basic Skills 5-6 Freestyle 1 - 3
Bridge Team 2 3 - 6 Basic Skills 4 Alpha - Delta
Bridge Team 1 Walking - 5 Basic Skills 1-3 Basic - Pre-Alpha

Recommended ages are associated with each level division, as both the USFS and the ISU indicate the minimum and maximum ages per level for competitive qualifying participation. 

This curriculum will foster the development of athletes who possess the interest in experiencing the competitive track of figure skating while accomplishing their goals along the way.  The E.D.G.E. track will provide a positive competitive experience for skaters whose age or development is more in line with the Excel Program leading skaters towards exciting futures in the world of collegiate competitions.  

Team USFS Level ISI Level Rec Competitive Level
Advanced Team 2 Junior/Senior - Excel Senior/Collegiate
Advanced Team 1 Novice Freestyle 10 Excel Junior
Qualifying Team 2 Intermediate Freestyle 9 - 10 Excel Novice
Qualifying Team 1 Juvenile Freestyle 9 - 10 Excel Intermediate
Developmental 2 Preliminary/Pre-Juvenile Freesytle 6 - 9 Excel Pre-Juv +/Excel Juv +
Developmental 1 Free Skate 6/Pre-Preliminary Freestyle 4 - 5 (Adv) Excel Prelim +/Excel Juv
Bridge Team 4 Free Skate 1-5 Freestyle 4 - 5 (Beg) Free Skate 4 - 6
Bridge Team 3 Basic Skills 5-6 Freestyle 1 - 3 Free Skate 1 - 3
Bridge Team 2 Basic Skills 4 Alpha - Delta Basic Skills 4 - 6
Bridge Team 1 Basic Skills 1 - 3 Basic - Pre-Alpha Basic Skills 1 - 3

Athletes who show great progress in correlation to their competitive age may also transfer back to the S.H.A.R.P. track with necessary milestones being achieved, athlete/family goals or commitment changes.

2021 Membership Fees

Membership Class Eligibility Accelerated Curriculum Tenzinga Portal Staff Guidance Savings Package Fee
Bridge Team 1 Participants Yes Yes No Yes 100%, $225.00 FREE
2-Month Trial Yes Yes No Yes - $50.00
6-Month Package Yes Yes No Yes 10%, $15.00 $150.00
Annual Package Yes Yes Yes Yes 25%, $75.00 $225.00