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S4S Future Champions

Skaters in the Learn-To-Skate and Bridge Team 1 through Bridge Team 4 levels who display a high level of technical potential, passion for the sport and a strong commitment to the SHARP 4 Sports program will be invited to join this team.  Skaters will receive special weekly training sessions, both virtually and in-person, in addition to their regularly scheduled small group classes.  Guidance will be provided by high performance coaches in the areas of off-ice strength and coordination training, mental training and on-ice technical/skating skills assistance.  

If you have any questions regarding this program, please email

Congratulations To Our Members!

Addisyn Andrews Nora Andrews Ruth Andrews Vivian Andrews
Ruby Briley Maggie Collyer Emilie Echlov Elsie Edwards
Stella Edwards Sarah Hale Ily Harper Saralynn Housley
Kaia Johnston Erica Stuteville Stori Weir

Upcoming Team Training Schedule

Class registration will run through our general Bridge Team class registration here.  We appreciate your participation and the opportunity to assist in the accelerated development of your athlete. 

(In-Person) Training Dress Code

For participation on this team, we ask that all athletes follow the SHARP 4 Sports dress code.  Skaters are required to wear all black athletic apparel with a bun in their hair.  This will allow our staff to be able to concentrate on body alignment and encourage the athletes to train for success.  Layers can be worn for warmth.  No hoods please. 

Sample dress ideas:
- Athletic pants
- Long-sleeve shirt
- Athletic vest
- Zip up jacket
- Gloves
- Leg warmers

Off-Ice Requirements:
- Strong pair of gym shoes (stability)
- Jump rope
- Water bottle

Future Champions Team Goals

Moves In The Field Tests

Moves in the field tests may be taken and passed independently of the free skate, pair, pattern dance and free dance tests.  A skater may take and pass moves in the field tests higher than the corresponding free skate, pair, pattern dance and free dance tests and still be qualified to compete in qualifying and non-qualifying competitions.  The standard moves in the field tests are divided into eight levels which must be taken in the following order:

1) Pre-Preliminary
2) Preliminary
3) Pre-Juvenile
4) Juvenile
5) Intermediate
6) Novice 
7) Junior
8) Senior