Q: What benefits does a skater within the Skating Hamilton Skating Academy/Skating Club receive through this program?

A: All skaters currently involved with the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy/Skating Club will receive benefits through the SHARP 4 Sports Program.  Skaters will have the ability to participate in weekly programming and will receive guidance and direction from those who created the SHARP 4 Sports program.  SHSA/SC skaters will be invited to special SHARP 4 Sports events that will take place within a Predators facility.  Combining the resources of the online program with the unique ability to receive one-on-one and group instructional opportunities each week will enhance the experience of each skater within the Nashville area.   

Q: Do I need to be a member of SHARP 4 Sports if I want to participate in SHARP/EDGE classes at my rink?

A: Yes, all participants must first be a member of the SHARP 4 Sports website to be able gain access to local classes and event opportunities. 

Q: What can I expect after I complete my registration?

A: By completing your registration process, you will become eligible for educational webinars, access to an advanced curriculum and training forms from the beginning to most advanced levels.  Information will continue to be provided to you on a weekly basis enhancing your experience through the program.

Q: When I pass a level, does anything change within my membership or the pages I will gain access to?

A: The pages you gain exclusive access to will not change.  Upon passing a level, the skater will receive a certificate from our staff with the following level's curriculum for their training binder and online personalized training account. 

Q: Does my skater receive a detailed skills report after a tryout session?

A: The tryout sessions are used to place skaters into the correct general team level when assessing their skating skills, current technical ability level as well as emotional development through a personal interview.  Skaters will receive their team placement after this process has been completed.  Specific skill feedback/progress will not be available until the skater begins their team level's set curriculum and each skill is practiced/mastered through the group class process. 

Q: I noticed that the passing of tests are part of my skater's curriculum.  Are the tests mandatory?

A:  The majority of each team's curriculum will contain tests (both ice dancing and Moves in the Field) that should be passed before moving to the next team level's curriculum.  The Moves in the Field tests are mandatory.  The ice dance tests are strongly encouraged (not mandatory) as they will assist skaters in learning rhythm, edge quality, and posture. 

Q: How will my skater's head coach stay in communication with the certified SHARP 4 Sports staff coaches in the overall progress of my athlete?

A:  During the group classes, the certified SHARP 4 Sports instructors will sign off on mastered skills within their curriculum documentation.  They will also provide feedback, when possible, in the communication logs located in the athlete's training binder.  If additional feedback is ever requested, the coach can organize a meeting with the SHARP 4 Sports instructor for a more in depth conversation. 

Q: Once my skater progresses through the levels and begins to need private lessons, how do they get matched up with a coach?

A:  SHARP 4 Sports skaters will be matched up with a certified SHARP 4 Sports private instructor by considering a number of factors (personality needs, competitive goals, schedule availability or restrictions, technical ability level, etc.)  Once a match has been made, a few trial lessons will help everyone determine if it is the best fit.