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Advanced Specialty Classes

SHARP 4 Sports and the Ford Ice Center would like to welcome you to our 2019 Summer Programming!  All levels are invited to participate in our weekly specialized classes, as well as numerous freestyle sessions (through the Ford Ice Center), and additional special events.  

For those skaters who are looking to customize their own schedule including SHARP 4 Sports classes as well as booking private lessons or alternate training opportunities, registering through this avenue is ideal.  Registration will take place on a week to week basis throughout the summer.

Use the registration steps below to find out how to maximize your training at the Ford Ice Center!  Questions?  Please email Heather at 

Interested in joining the SHARP 4 Sports program?  Check out our membership perks here!

Ford Ice Center Nashville, TN

5264 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch, Tennessee 37013

Class-Only Registration Steps

Step 1: Use the table below ("Summer Camp and Programming Dates") to find the week number or week numbers you would like to plan your visit to the Ford Ice Center. 


Week # Dates Notes Reg. Deadline
Week 1 June 2 - June 8 May 26
(No Programming) June 9 - June 15 Hockey Tournament
Week 2 June 16 - June 22 June 9
Week 3 June 23 - June 29 June 16
Week 4 June 30 - July 6 July 4th (Afternoon Only) June 23
Week 5 July 7 - July 13 June 30
Week 6 July 14 - July 20 July 7
Week 7 July 21 - July 27 July 14
Week 8 July 28 - August 1 August 2-4 (Scott Hamilton Invitational) July 21
Week 9 August 5 - August 8 August 9-11 (Adult Camp) July 28

Step 2: Use the table below ("Team Level Classifications") to locate your team level using your current competitive level in either USFS or ISI.  For international competitors, please refer to a comparable USFS level to locate your team classification.


Team Classification USFS Level ISI Level
Elite Team International Senior -
Elite Team International Junior -
Junior Elite Team Junior - National Competitor -
Advanced Team 2 Junior/Senior -
Advanced Team 1 Novice Freestyle 10
Qualifying Team 2 Intermediate Freestyle 9 - 10
Qualifying Team 1 Juvenile Freestyle 9 - 10
Developmental Team 2 Preliminary/Pre-Juvenile Freestyle 6 - 9
Developmental Team 1 Pre-Preliminary Freestyle 4 - 5 (Advanced)
Bridge Team 4 Free Skate 4-6 Freestyle 4 - 5 (Beginning)
Bridge Team 3 Free Skate 1-3 Freestyle 1 - 3
Bridge Team 2 Basic Skills 4-6 Alpha - Delta
Bridge Team 1 Basic Skills 1-3 Basic - Pre-Alpha

Step 3: Use the table below to determine your track for classes within your team classification level.  Using your current age (during the time frame of your visit) and your current competitive level, you will fall into the SHARP or EDGE track. 

Track Selection

Team Classification SHARP Track Age Range EDGE Track Age Range
Elite Team Ages 13 - 18 Ages 19+
Junior Elite Team Ages 11 - 15 Ages 16+
Advanced Team 2 Ages 11 - 15 Ages 16+
Advanced Team 1 Ages 10 - 14 Ages 15+
Qualifying Team 2 Ages 9 - 13 Ages 14+
Qualifying Team 1 Ages 8 - 12 Ages 13+
Developmental Team 2 Ages 7 - 11 Ages 12+
Developmental Team 1 Ages 6 - 9 Ages 10+
Bridge Team 4 Ages 5 - 8 Ages 9+
Bridge Team 3 Ages 4 - 7 Ages 8+
Bridge Team 2 Ages 3 - 6 Ages 7+
Bridge Team 1 Walking - 5 Ages 6+

Step 4: Registration is completed on a week to week basis throughout the summer.  Please locate the week number you are interested in attending to complete your registration.  Follow the prompts with your team classification and track level to make your final selections in programming. 

Step 5: If interested in purchasing freestyle ice in advance for the most reduced rates, please click on the following link (Ford Ice Center) to purchase your freestyle ice during the time frames of your selected classes.  Walk-ons are available for those who wish to purchase freestyle ice each day at the office.   All sessions are an hour in length.  Two hours of Junior/Senior Elite Freestyle Ice are available Monday through Thursday throughout the summer.   

Programming Fees

Class Instruction (Registration) Fee, (Ice Time Purchased Through FIC)
30-Minute Specialty Class $10
45-Minute Specialty Class $15
Power Class $10
Edge Seminar $10
Program Critique $15
Freestyle Ice All sessions purchased through Ford Ice Center. Rates vary on # of sessions purchased.
Non-Member Weekly Charge $20/week

Additional Specialty Classes

Edge Seminars as well as Power classes will be offered throughout the summer for members and guests of our summer programming.  Skaters must be in Pre-Preliminary or above in order to participate.  Advanced registration is required.  

Day Class Time Fee
Mondays Edge Seminar 9:45-10:15am $10 per class Skaters must be registered for the 9:15-10:15am freestyle ice.
Tuesdays Power Class 2:15-2:45pm $10 per class Skaters must be registered for the 1:45-2:45pm freestyle ice.
Wednesdays Edge Seminar 9:45-10:15am $10 per class Skaters must be registered for the 9:15-10:15am freestyle ice.
Thursdays Power Class 2:15-2:45pm $10 per class Skaters must be registered for the 1:45-2:45pm freestyle ice.

Registration Link

Program Critiques

Program critiques will be offered twice during the summer months to provide feedback to our athletes while they train for upcoming competitions.  U.S. Figure Skating officials will be brought in to contribute their notes to each performance as well as on-site staff.  Registration is limited. 

Day Event Time Fee
Saturday, June 8 3:00 - 7:15pm $15
Saturday, July 13 12:15 - 4:30pm $15