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S4S Virtual Academy Community,

I am honored and humbled by the outpouring of appreciation for what SHARP 4 Sports has been able to provide your athlete during the past few months.  I have enjoyed virtual coaching more than I ever anticipated because of the energy, effort, and commitment that the athletes have brought to so many of our webinars.  For this reason, I feel it is time to open up additional opportunities to those interested athletes who are seeking more of a shared experience from their journey in our individualized sport.  

In 2002, I started a program called Total Athlete Performance Seminars (T.A.P.S.) which has proven to be one of the anchoring components of the success of my athletes in developing emotional intelligence, managing competitive anxiety, connecting with the world outside of the rink, developing leadership skills, defining their purpose and being intentional in their actions throughout their careers, designing and carrying out community outreach and maintaining stability and balance all while in pursuit of becoming collegiate, national, international, world, and Olympic athletes.

I am eager to share this opportunity with your athlete and welcome all ages and levels to join.  Cohorts will be formed according to competitive level and then divided by age when group sizes prohibit the facilitation of an interactive, enriching and personal experience.  Many of my former athletes have written their college application essays about the impact T.A.P.S. has had on their lives and countless families have expressed that the program (designed to be age and level appropriate) was one of the valuable pieces of the "village" who helped to shape their children along the way.  Life lessons from the ice are woven into almost every discussion, presentation and topic.  

I am confident that you will find this program to be a valuable addition to your athlete's development, personal growth, and maturation.  Together we can build stronger, more confident, and accountable individuals out of this journey we call skating!

Kori Ade

Parent Testimonial:
"The way growth is articulated by Kori is particularly important as a way to understand what my athlete is going through not only as a skater, but as a pre-teen.  Of value to me as a parent is the 'plan of action' piece of this cohort and breaking it down to very specific areas for improvement.  It reminds her that she is making a commitment to herself to improve.  Lastly, what strikes me as the best part of this experience, is that it joins my daughter together with other like-minded athletes who are willing to share their experiences, and this makes her feel much less isolated in a very individual sport."

June 2024 - T.A.P.S. Coach Cohort Team Training

(Sessions take place through the use of the Zoom platform.)

Cohort # of Sessions Fee
Coaches Review 4 $99
Cohort Session Date Time (CT) Notes
Coaches Review Session 1 of 4 Tuesday, June 4 9:00-9:45pm Notebook
Cohort Session Date Time (CT) Notes
Coaches Review Session 2 of 4 Tuesday, June 11 9:00-9:45pm Notebook
Cohort Session Date Time (CT) Notes
Coaches Review Session 3 of 4 Tuesday, June 18 9:00-9:45pm Notebook
Cohort Session Date Time (CT) Notes
Coaches Review Session 4 of 4 Tuesday, June 25 9:00-9:45pm Notebook