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This series is centered around building your methodology by threading developmental stages such as the first steps on the ice through more advanced training at the higher levels of ISI or U.S. Figure Skating.  Skill progressions will be discussed with relevant exercises that are purposeful and valuable to guiding your skaters successfully throughout each stage of development. 

This training is results-driven.  Each skater you have the opportunity to teach has a unique journey ahead of them.  None of these athletes should be neglected in the area of expecting excellence.  Throughout these training modules, the value of coaching basics with the expectation of excellence will become apparent as we navigate integration of these concepts through each phase of the skater's development.  

This program is about YOU, the coach!  The only opportunity your athletes have to succeed is through you.  Be a conduit of cutting edge information, technique, and training by furthering your understanding of YOUR process.  This is not about one way, or my way... this is about helping to guide you towards growing your deep connection and understanding of our sport.  This is an investment to your future, your athlete's future, and the future of our sport!  Platform: Zoom 

Module 1: Methodology Mapping

This module focuses on understanding all of the right questions throughout one's development and how to work to find the right answers.  What is important, why it is important, how you know what to focus on, and where do you begin?

Module 2: "Kori"-ography

The art and science of coaching is about assessing situations in the right way, elevating your game through education, and providing your students with the most relevant information when it matters most.  What are your non-negotiables? 

Module 3: First "ADE"

Use those items in your personal toolbox to provide the best teaching mechanisms throughout all stages of learning.  Implement change, expectations and thorough understanding of body mechanics and  technique using your non-negotiables to create success from beginning to end. 

Module 4: Athlete Centered Coaching

What does it truly mean to have your athlete's best interest at heart?  Decipher when to deviate from "your way" to the best way for that specific skater's  personality and language/learning styles.   How can you best advocate for each of your athletes?

Module 5: Mind-Body Connection & Disconnection

How do you value technical accountability?  Learn tips and tricks on how to program one's body to break cycles of bad habits, connect with important concepts and set up behaviors that lead to enhanced consistency and skill achievement.  

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Module # Availability Webinar Fee
Module 1 Full Recording $25
Module 2 Full Recording $25
Module 3 Full Recording $25
Module 4 Full Recording $25
Module 5 Full Recording $25
Modules 1 - 5 Full Recordings $99


"The value of a course that makes you sit back and question not only what you do but how you do it is immeasurable.  Attending the "Elevating Your Game" seminars energized me and made me always remember to bring my A-Game to every lesson.  "Elevate" was the perfect class at the perfect time.  This year has not been what any of us expected, for many of my skaters, it has meant reduced ice and lesson time.  Trying to make sure your skaters are progressing under these conditions means making sure each lesson has quality and consistency.  I can't wait to participate in more SHARP4Sports seminars.

- Tiesha DiMaggio (ISI District 2/3 Director), PSA Rated Group, MIF, FS