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Kori Ade

Technical Director

BS Loyola University, Chicago

US National, International, World & Olympic Coach

PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating)

PSA Ranking: Level VIII

2018 Double-Goal Coach Award by Positive Coaching Alliance

2014 USOC/USG Building Dreams Award Recipient

2014 O.C. Tanner Inspiration Award Recipient

2011 PSA/USFS Developmental Coach of the Year

USOC National Team Coach Leadership Education Program Recipient

8 Years Business Owner

Mission Statement: To provide a nurturing and challenging experience while guiding athletes to their highest potential with honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence. 

With a passion for knowledge and lifelong learning, Kori strives to provide an environment for her athletes enriched with opportunities for physical, athletic, mental and emotional growth and development.  Through her coaching career, Kori has sought out opportunities to learn and incorporate sports science, psychology and peak performance, and dryland training concepts.  Kori prides herself on coaching the "whole athlete" and believes that through sport, every skater's journey can lead to a lifelong passion for achieving one's potential and for developing the necessary life skills to always 'champion one's inner athlete'!

Her coaching philosophy is based on her belief that mental and emotional aspects play a very powerful role in sculpting a successful athlete at all levels of competition.  Through Kori's educational background, experience and ability to motivate, she is able to create the complete package for skaters through SHARP. 

Through SHARP 4 Sports, Kori shows her true passion for giving back to the sport by assisting other professionals by sharing ideas, techniques and real-life experiences.  Her goal is to continue to provide educational opportunities to coaches who are driven to become more knowledgeable within their field. 

Heather Aseltine

Administrative Director

8 Years Business Owner

18 Years of Program Administration

14 Years of Coaching Experience (ISI/USFS)

17 Years of Competitive Skating Experience (ISI/USFS)

Former ISIA Education Foundation Trustee

2002 National Collegiate Champion (Univ. of IL, Urbana-Champaign)

ISI's Freestyle 10 Test Completion

Senior Ladies, Sectional Competitor

USFS Double Gold Medalist

Bachelors of Science Degree (Kinesiology)

Mission Statement: To deliver cutting-edge recreational, advanced and elite level training opportunities for athletes of all ages enhancing each athlete's training experience with detailed organization, innovative ideas and comprehensive support throughout their competitive journey.

Born and raised in Buffalo Grove, IL, Heather grew up skating at the Northbrook Sports Center focusing much of her attention to both ISI and USFS tracks.  In high school, she began coaching while also continuing her own skating career.  Competing through college, Heather became the 2002 National Collegiate Champion as well as completing the ISI Freestyle 10 test.  After graduating with a Kinesiology degree from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), she became a Leisure Services Supervisor directing many of the programs she once participated in herself, as well as continuing to coach.  It was at that time that Heather and Kori met and realized they could begin a new dream together of orchestrating their own 7k International Skating Academy. 

After moving to Colorado Springs, the Academy was opened and provided skating opportunities to athletes of all ages and levels specializing in elite level training and developing the next generation.  During this time, Kori and Heather noticed a need within the skating community for a program that not only fosters developing athletes, but also allows the athlete/parent/coach triad to succeed in continued education, successful communication and building trust.  The beginning stages of SHARP 4 Sports (Specialized High Aptitude Resource Program) were constructed.

With early success, the program continued to develop into a local and web-driven outlet that can be used nationally and internationally by athletes, parents and coaches across a variety of sports.   In 2019, SHARP 4 Sports teamed up with Scott Hamilton and the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy/Club moving its headquarters to Nashville, TN.   Heather and Kori continue to lead a team of 6 High Performance Team members in addition to a developmental/advanced team of coaches.  Programming opportunities are offered locally, nationally and internationally through SHARP 4 Sports.

Robert Peal

Ice Dance
Solo Dance
Skating Skills
Step Sequences
Power Development

US/Canadian Gold Dance Medalist

US Team USA Member

World Junior Competitor

US National Junior Dance Champion

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

CSIP (Collegiate Skating Institute Program)

30+ Years Coaching

Music Editing Professional

Current coach (and father) of the Novice National Dance Champions/Junior Medalists/Team USA Members

Assisted with the numerous national/international synchronized skating teams

Previous USFS MIF/Ice Dance Judge

Previous USFS Athlete Advisor

Relocated to Nashville, TN for S4S

Mission Statement: To encourage athletes of all ages and levels to a potential beyond what was originally believed possible while developing aspiring athletes to improve all aspects of their sport: depth of edge, power, musicality and transitions.

Rob Peal is a U.S. National Ice Dance Champion and Team USA member.  He is a gold medalist for U.S. Figure Skating and CFSA along with being the 1991 Jr. National Champion and World competitor.  Robert trained under the tutelage of Ron Ludington, Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponosov, Isabel and Paula Duchesney, Scott Gregory and a long list of other distinguished Olympic skating coaches.  After decades of training and 10+ years of national and international competitions, he now focuses his talent on training competitive athletes at an elite level.  

Robert has a blend of U.S. and European styles that fuses edgework, transitions, technique and quality of skating to achieve a higher grade of execution at events worldwide.  He also specializes in MIF, ice dancing and partnering skills through the international level, choreography and power, depth of edge and program originality.  

Robert's training has included ballet, ballroom and jazz dance along with strength training, stretching and flexibility.  He has helped to produce national champion athletes in all disciplines of the sport (Mens, Ladies, Ice Dance, Pairs and Synchronized Skating).  He enjoys working with skaters of all levels from the beginning steps on the ice to the international and Olympic experience.  Currently, he coaches his son and daughter (Ethan and Elliana) who are the U.S. Ice Dance National Champions in Juvenile (2017), Intermediate (2018) and Novice (2020).  

After starting college at the age of 16 and taking part in the Eligible Skating Instructor Program (formally the Collegiate Skating Institute) he has over 30+ years of coaching under his belt.  You'll often see Robert skating with his students at full speed working just as hard!

Bianka Szijgyártó

Ice Dance 
Skating Skills
Step Sequences
Difficult Turns
Power Development

Team USA International Coach

Head Coach of ISU European Championships & ISU Jr. Grand Prix Athletes

Norwegian National Team Coach

Head Coach of U.S. National & Sectional Novice Dance Champions

PSA Level V International Ranking

Two-Time Hungarian National Ice Dance Champion

World & European Championships Competitor (Team Hungary)

Member of the International Solo Ice Dance Development Group

Member of the USFS Dance Development & Technical Committee

13 Years Touring Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia, South America, and the U.S. (Performing with Disney-On-Ice)

10 Years Ballet Training

5 Years Ballroom Dance Training

2 Years Aerial Silk Training

Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

10 Years of TV & Radio Interview Appearance w/Disney On Ice

Mission Statement: Empowering figure skaters to transcend boundaries, equipping them with technical precision, emotional depth and achieving extraordinary performances that leave a lasting impact. 

Bianka Szijgyártó, a highly accomplished figure skating coach from Hungary, has made a significant impact in the sport. Her love for figure skating began at a young age, propelling her to become a competitive skater representing Hungary in various international competitions first as a singles competitor on the National Development Team of Hungary before making the switch to ice dance where she eventually became a two-time National Champion and competed at the World level. Her success led to many years performing with the World famous Disney On Ice. After retiring from skating, Bianka focused on coaching, eager to share her expertise and help aspiring skaters reach their potential. Her patient and nurturing approach emphasizes proper technique, strength training, and artistic expression.

Bianka’s coaching style creates a supportive and motivating environment, tailored to each skater's unique needs and goals. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence drives her to stay updated with the latest coaching techniques and advancements in figure skating. Beyond coaching, Bianka contributes to the skating community by volunteering her time and sharing her expertise as an official for the Hungarian Skating Federation, USFS and the ISU. 

With her technical prowess, passion for coaching, and dedication to the art of figure skating, Bianka has become a revered coach. Her guidance and mentorship shape the next generation of talented skaters, leaving an indelible mark on the sport she holds dear.

Tom Hickey

Jump Technique
Dryland Conditioning
Electronic Spinner
Edge/Power Development
Hockey Power & Skills

National & International Coach

Jr. Grand Prix/Jr. World Coach

PSA Level V International Ranking

PSA Master Rated

Past PSA & ISI Board Member

USFS Gold Medalist

USA/International Presenter

Power Plus Skills LLC Developer

Coaches Education Founder

Skating Director (IL/MN/PA)

ISU South American Championships Appreciation Award Winner

ISI Merit Award Winner

PSA Fritz Dietl Award Winner

Seminar Presenter: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Iceland, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US

Chicago Institute of Art (Degree)


Mission Statement: To provide passionate coaching and training skills that inspire athletes of all levels to meet their fullest potential while incorporating correct and current techniques, artistry, mental training, goal setting, and a strong work ethic.

Tom Hickey has been a professional coach since 1990. His coaching experience ranges from Choreography, Figures, Biomechanics of Jumping, Pairs, Skill Development, Mental Training, and Power Hockey. Tom is a widely respected jump coach who specializes in pole-harness jump technique. He has trained grassroots through senior-level athletes from 19 different countries. Furthermore, Tom is a PSA (Professional Skaters Association) level V internationally ranked coach who has had students compete in the US Regional, Sectional, and National Championships, Jr. Grand Prix, and Jr. World events. He strives to ensure his skaters develop into athletes and well-rounded people. He is passionate about cultivating life skills through skating and challenging athletes to "become their best selves." 

Tom is amongst the most recognized coaches in the figure skating world for creating and developing training centers, schools, and camps nationwide. He has served on the PSA Board of Directors and presented at multiple PSA annual conferences and coaches' training seminars. In addition to his Professional Skaters Association achievements, Tom is a Master Rated Coach and a USFS Gold Medalist. Tom is a recipient of the ISU (International Skaters Union) South American Championships Appreciation Award, the ISI (Ice Skating Institute) Merit Award, and the PSA Fritz Dietl Award. He has conducted and presented training clinics for athletes and coaches in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Portugal, Iceland, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States.

As a SHARP 4 Sports team member, Tom plans to bring his passion and experience to the Nashville sports scene. He is elevating competitive and recreational skating to new heights on and off the ice! He will dedicate his outstanding client relationships and superior knowledge of ice sports and elite-level coaching to all of the athletes in the S4S program.

Ginger Friedenberger

Technique Development
Spin Variation Specialization
Skating Skills

22 Years Professional Skating

20+ Years Coaching

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

Disney On Ice Performer

Holiday On Ice Performer & Performance Director

7 Years Performance Director

Professional Choreography: Past National, World, & Olympic Competitors

Choreographed Shows: Chicago, IL, Tampa, FL, Williamsburg, VA, Miami, FL, Branson, MO

10 Years Skating Director

Regionals/Sectionals Competitor

Mission Statement: To inspire the next generation of athletes while sharing my knowledge and experience with my students in hopes to create a positive influence in their lives. 

Ginger Friedenberger has been skating for 50 years, 22 of those professionally and 20 have been in coaching.  Born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, she began as a competitive skater at the age of 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She traveled back and forth to Santa Monica, CA to train with World and Olympic coach, John Nicks.  Ginger competed in freestyle, figures and pairs under the direction of Ronnie Robertson (once known as the world's fastest spinner and unofficially the first man to land a quad): Canadian and World pairs champion, Gerty Desjardins, and John Nicks.  She participated in regional and sectional championships winning medals in pairs and singles.  

Ginger has an extensive background in choreography.  She has choreographed shows in Miami, Chicago, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA and Busch Gardens Tampa, FL.  She also choreographed for six-time polish champion, World and Olympic competitor Gregor Filipowski, two-time Canadian champion Tracey Wainman and two-time Australian champion Sean Abram.  She has also provided choreography for the Osmond Brothers, the Osmond Second Generation and the Platters.  

Mr. Nicks was the one who inspired Ginger to teach and originally hired her for her first teaching position and an assistant skating school director.  Since then, she has been a director at three facilities.  She has taken numerous students through their MIF and Free Skate Golds and lead them in their competitive goals at the Regional and Sectional level.  Most of all, Ginger really enjoys sharing her knowledge with students and hopes to create a positive influence in their lives as was passed on to her. 


Wesley Campbell

Skating Skills
Technique Development
Spin Variation Specialization
Off-Ice Training

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Principle Soloist w/Holiday On Ice

Team USA International Competitor (Singles)

World Team Competitor (Singles)

Jr. World Team Competitor (Singles)

5-Time National Competitor

2022 Holiday On Ice Interview


Mission Statement: Using artistry to create authenticity and inspiration in each athlete's journey. 

As a competitor, Wesley Campbell, USA, is a 3-time national medalist and represented his country at several International competitions over the span of his career. 

In addition to his professional skating show highlights which include appearances in Carre’s ‘Art on Ice’ in Zurich, Willy Biektak’s ‘Broadway on Ice’ in Muscat, Oman and ‘Intimissimi on Ice’ in Italy,  Wesley has made numerous TV and film appearances such as his stunt double work on Anchorman 2 for Will Farrell, and his guest star spot on Germany’s Dancing on Ice finale in 2018 to name a few. From 2017-2022 Wesley has skated as a principal for Holiday on Ice productions. In 2021, he took on an additional role as associate choreographer for Holiday on Ice’s most recent production, “A  New Day”.  In 2022, Wesley completed his final touring season starring in Robin Cousins' "Supernova".  

In a professional career spanning 10 years since his retirement from competition, Wesley worked as a principal soloist skater and later as a choreographer for everything from highly produced theatrical ensemble numbers, to live music television specials. 

This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Wesley in which his focus and passion can shift full time to coaching, choreography, and athlete development.  Wesley is thrilled to be on board full-time with S4S!  

Siobhan Godwin

Ice Dance
Solo Dance
Skating Skills

NCCP Certified National Coach

US Figure Skating Coach

10+ Years Coaching Experience

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

National/International Ice Dancer

Jr. National Gold Medalist, Jr. World Championships Competitor, 12-Time National Competitor

Integrated Support Team Physiotherapist

Master of Health Sciences, Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Movement Science Major

Co-Chair Concussion Committee


Mission Statement: To promote physical strength, motor control, technical skill, and artistic ability in all disciplines of figure skating and to encourage the foundation of ice dance education and proficiency in the development of a strong skating basis; to support an athlete-centered environment focused on fitness, injury prevention, and health in order to optimize training and athletic performance, and foster the whole well-being of all our skaters. 

Siobhan Karam is a former competitive Canadian Ice Dancer and coach.  Born and raised in Ottawa, she moved to Detroit at age fifteen to pursue her path as an ice dancer under the coaching expertise of Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband at the Detroit Skating Club.  Siobhan and her ice dance partner, Joshua McGrath, later followed the Olympic coaches to Canton, Michigan, where the club grew into an International Training Center and ice dance hub.  After thirteen consecutive years of competing nationally and internationally, Joshua retired from the sport, and Siobhan competed for two more years with American ice dancer, Kevin O’Keefe.  Throughout her skating career, Siobhan attended the University of Windsor where she completed a Bachelor of Movement Science in Human Kinetics.  Siobhan relocated to Ottawa to pursue a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and begin her career as a figure skating coach.  Her professional opportunities brought her to Toronto, where she worked as a physical therapist at the Cleveland Clinic Canada and became part of the ice dance program at the Toronto Cricket, Curling and Skating Club.  Siobhan also participates on the medical team at a multitude of Skate Canada and International Skating Union events throughout the competitive season.

With Siobhan’s extensive background as a national and international level figure skater and coach, she has joined forces with the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy and SHARP 4 Sports program to share her knowledge and experience with the team!  Siobhan’s coaching philosophy is dedicated to creating a balance of science and art on and off of the ice, and in developing our skaters to reach their utmost potential!

Jimmy Koszuta

Power Development
Ice Dance Partnering
Hockey Drills
Skating Skills
Pole Harness (Youth)

2023 European Championships Competitor

Norwegian National Team Member

Former Team USA Member

2018 JGP Austria - 7th Place

2017 US Novice National & Sectional Champion

4x US National Competitor

USFS Dance Gold Medalist

USFS MIF Gold Medalist

Former AAA Hockey Player

Mission Statement: Creating a motivating and inspirational atmosphere so skaters can feel their best in every way possible to reach their goals in a fun, disciplined manner.

From the power of AAA hockey to the graceful glides of ice dance, Jimmy's journey in the world of ice sports has been both diverse and rewarding. As a distinguished former member of both Team USA and the Norwegian National Team in ice dancing, Jimmy has devoted his life to the world of figure skating—a journey marked by rewarding triumphs and challenging tribulations. From clinching the title of U.S. Novice National Champion to competing in the prestigious European Championships, he has navigated the peaks and valleys that define a commitment to excellence. Jimmy is wholeheartedly dedicated to mentoring the upcoming generation of skaters, guiding them towards achieving their ambitions while fostering a balanced and enjoyable approach to training.

Jimmy's passion for skating was ignited in Buffalo, NY, where he embarked on his journey at the tender age of seven. Shortly after, he became a AAA hockey player. Under the expert mentorship of his head coach, Bianka Szijgyarto, Jimmy honed his skills and ascended the ranks to compete at both national and international levels. In collaboration with Jocelyn Haines, they secured the Eastern Sectional and National titles at the Novice level—a testament to their hard work and dedication. Subsequently, partnering with Maria Bjorkli, they represented Norway at the European Championships as the first ever Norwegian Ice Dance Team to compete at the Championships.

As a coach, Jimmy's focus lies predominantly in ice dance, pole harness, power skating, and hockey skill specialization. Leveraging his experience with the pole harness, Jimmy assist's freestyle students in refining their technical skills. His coaching philosophy is anchored in the principles of creating a motivating and inspirational environment, harmoniously blending discipline with a lighthearted and enjoyable approach. Jimmy firmly believes that this equilibrium is fundamental for enabling students to flourish both mentally and physically, empowering them to relish the rewarding sensation that arises from surmounting the challenges inherent in training.

Becki Hendren

Off-Ice Training
Skating Skills
Adult Development
Excel Competitive Development
Adult Competitive Team Lead
BT Off-Ice Training Lead

USFS Adult Gold Medalist

Adult Sectional/National Competitor

PSA Rated: Registered Skating Skills

10+ Years Coaching Experience

15+ Years Off-Ice Training Experience

USFS S.T.A.R.S. Assessor

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Adult Seminar Leadership

LTS and Aspire Coach

Master of Kinesiology

Bachelor of Music

Music Industry Professional

SHSC: Membership Chair

Mission Statement: To guide, train, and develop adult skaters and competitors, assist Excel track skaters accomplish their athletic and competitive goals and provide off-ice training for all developmental level skaters to increase athleticism and reduce risk of injury through a technically sound and positive approach focused on the pursuit of excellence in athleticism, creative expression, and personal growth.

Becki Hendren is a life long skater, athlete, and musician who grew up in Cleveland, OH.  After graduating from high school and receiving the Karen and Richard Carpenter Choral Music Scholarship she moved to Long Beach, CA  and earned a bachelor of music degree with a minor in business from California State University Long Beach.  Upon graduating from college and beginning her career in the music business, Becki returned to the ice as an adult skater continuing to train, test and compete while working with a variety of coaches in the Los Angeles area. Motivated by her own experience of returning to skating as an adult, Becki attended graduate school and obtained a Master’s degree in kinesiology from CSULB and a personal training certification with the goal of developing off-ice training programs for skaters of all ages and abilities.  In addition to starting an off-ice program, Becki was asked to help with learn to skate classes and began her coaching journey eventually assisting a new synchro program with off-ice training, skating skill development, and moves in the field testing. 

Becki believes everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue skating and find their unique place in the sport over a lifetime.  As a former child skater and current adult skater, she understands the unique challenges facing adults, teens and college students whether they are returning to the ice or just beginning their skating journey.  Becki’s goal as a coach is to prepare skaters for success by building athletes with a solid technical foundation, mental toughness, and creative freedom empowering them to be confident and proud of their accomplishments wherever their skating takes them.

Laura Pursell

Performance Work
Developmental Levels
Adult Development
Adult Competitive Team Lead

2023 Adult National Gold Medalist

2022 Adult National Silver Medalist

2022 Midwest Sectionals Gold Medalist

2019 Adult National Dramatic Showcase Gold Medalist

Adult Gold Certification


6 Full-Length Recorded Albums

Performances in Theatre, TV, Film, Web Series

Parodied Tonya Harding - Weird Al Video

Learn-To-Skate Coach

Adult Seminar Leadership

Mission Statement: To encourage and develop the musicality, artistry, and personal expression of skaters on and off the ice. 

Laura grew up in a very social house filled with music, art, and writing. Her father, Bill Pursell, was a Nashville Music Row legend, pianist, and composer, who recorded with Johnny Cash, Patsy Klein, Marty Robbins, Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Brenda Lee, “Boots” Randolph, and Chet Atkins, to name just a few.  Classically trained at the Eastman School of Music, he wrote the City of Nashville’s only symphony, a 4-movement piece entitled “Heritage”, which he conducted himself. He went back to Eastman to earn his doctorate degree at the age of 69. He was on the music faculty at Belmont University for 37 years. Laura’s mother, Julie Pursell, was a well known writer, journalist, art editor, and public relations specialist.  

The boisterous Pursell household hosted countless holiday parties and special occasion events, and it was there that Laura began singing and performing for hundreds of people.

Moving to Los Angeles in her 20’s, she fell under the tutelage of guitar great Ron Anthony, who played for Frank Sinatra, and dozens of other “jazzers” who had played with Sinatra, George Shearing, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ray Charles, and more.  At one point, Laura’s band was made up of players from “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson.  From these greats, she learned music theory, the art of phrasing, and how to tell a story through music.  She began performing all over LA and Palm Springs, returning home to Nashville to do musical appearances with her father at TPAC, Cheekwood, and of course the Pursell family parties.

As an actress, Laura spent years “on the boards” in various theatrical productions, TV, film and web series.  Her one woman show about growing up in Nashville, “The Pope of Jocelyn Hollow,” earned 1st place in the Theater Arts Group one act festival and had highly successful runs at 2 different theaters in Hollywood.  She has recorded 6 full length jazz and adult contemporary CD albums in Nashville and Los Angeles and has performed live all over the US, plus a short residency in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Her most recent album, the critically-praised and very personal “Lost in Time”, was a very special father/daughter project begun in 2019. Laura lost her father to Covid the following year and she completed the project herself, making it a tribute to Bill Pursell.  It was unveiled at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood, then to a full house at Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley in 2023.

After several years off the ice, Laura returned to the sport of figure skating as an adult skater, earning her adult gold certification.  She continues to compete in the adult national series.  As a former child/current adult skater, Laura knows firsthand the challenges of returning to the ice as an adult.  Laura uses her singing and acting experience in an off-ice performance class, based on the idea that every program and every piece of choreography tells a story.  These sessions focus on musicality, recognizing and moving to rhythm, physical expression, artistry, confidence, and joy.  

S4S Guest Coaches

Anna Matuszewski

Anna brings the knowledge and expertise of 20+ years of coaching experience and an extensive background in dance and choreography to our athletes at SHARP 4 Sports.  She is currently the resident choreographer and lead dancer with Macklemore and is an Experienced Creative Director for numerous music videos, films and TV productions. 

Rohene Ward

Growing up as an elite competitive figure skater, Rohene became a professional athlete performing in both national and international tours.  He was awarded Choreographer of the Year in 2015 and 2017 and became the US Open Grand Champion in 2016.   Rohene is known internationally for his incredible choreography, unique style, performance ability and athleticism.