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Kori Ade

Technical Director

BS Loyola University, Chicago

US National, International, World & Olympic Coach

PSA Rating: Master (Free Skating)

PSA Ranking: Level VIII

2018 Double-Goal Coach Award by Positive Coaching Alliance

2014 USOC/USG Building Dreams Award Recipient

2014 O.C. Tanner Inspiration Award Recipient

2011 PSA/USFS Developmental Coach of the Year

USOC National Team Coach Leadership Education Program Recipient

8 Years Business Owner

Mission Statement: To provide a nurturing and challenging experience while guiding athletes to their highest potential with honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence. 

With a passion for knowledge and lifelong learning, Kori strives to provide an environment for her athletes enriched with opportunities for physical, athletic, mental and emotional growth and development.  Through her coaching career, Kori has sought out opportunities to learn and incorporate sports science, psychology and peak performance, and dry land training concepts.  Kori prides herself on coaching the "whole athlete" and believes that through sport, every skater's journey can lead to a lifelong passion for achieving one's potential and for developing the necessary life skills to always 'champion one's inner athlete'!

Her coaching philosophy is based on her belief that mental and emotional aspects play a very powerful role in sculpting a successful athlete at all levels of competition.  Through Kori's educational background, experience and ability to motivate, she is able to create the complete package for skaters through SHARP. 

Through SHARP 4 Sports, Kori shows her true passion for giving back to the sport by assisting other professionals by sharing ideas, techniques and real-life experiences.  Her goal is to continue to provide educational opportunities to coaches who are driven to become more knowledgeable within their field. 

Heather Aseltine

Administrative Director

8 Years Business Owner

18 Years of Program Administration

14 Years of Coaching Experience (ISI/USFS)

17 Years of Competitive Skating Experience (ISI/USFS)

Former ISIA Education Foundation Trustee

2002 National Collegiate Champion (Univ. of IL, Urbana-Champaign)

ISI's Freestyle 10 Test Completion

Senior Ladies, Sectional Competitor

USFS Double Gold Medalist

Bachelors of Science Degree (Kinesiology)

Mission Statement: To deliver cutting-edge recreational, advanced and elite level training opportunities for athletes of all ages enhancing each athlete's training experience with detailed organization, innovative ideas and comprehensive support throughout their competitive journey.

Born and raised in Buffalo Grove, IL, Heather grew up skating at the Northbrook Sports Center focusing much of her attention to both ISI and USFS tracks.  In high school, she began coaching while also continuing her own skating career.  Competing through college, Heather became the 2002 National Collegiate Champion as well as completing the ISI Freestyle 10 test.  After graduating with a Kinesiology degree from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), she became a Leisure Services Supervisor directing many of the programs she once participated in herself, as well as continuing to coach.  It was at that time that Heather and Kori met and realized they could begin a new dream together of orchestrating their own 7k International Skating Academy. 

After moving to Colorado Springs, the Academy was opened and provided skating opportunities to athletes of all ages and levels specializing in elite level training and developing the next generation.  During this time, Kori and Heather noticed a need within the skating community for a program that not only fosters developing athletes, but also allows the athlete/parent/coach triad to succeed in continued education, successful communication and building trust.  The beginning stages of SHARP 4 Sports (Specialized High Aptitude Resource Program) were constructed.

With early success, the program continued to develop into a local and web-driven outlet that can be used nationally and internationally by athletes, parents and coaches across a variety of sports.   In 2019, SHARP 4 Sports teamed up with Scott Hamilton and the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy/Club moving its headquarters to Nashville, TN.   Heather and Kori continue to lead a team of 6 High Performance Team members in addition to a developmental/advanced team of coaches.  Programming opportunities are offered locally, nationally and internationally through SHARP 4 Sports.

Mary Ro Reyes

Technical Manager

Mexico's National Team Member - 8 Years

World and International Competitor (2 Winter Universiades, 1 World Championship, 1 Jr. World Championship, 2 Four Continent Championships, 4 Jr. Grand Prix events and numerous additional international competitions)

Junior and Senior Mexican National Champion

Coach of current Mexico Juvenile Champion, Novice and Junior Men's Champions and Senior Silver Medalist

Coach of Mexico's delegation in ISU Trigav Trophy 2019

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

Bachelor in Business Administration

Certified Sport Coach Level 1 & 2 (Mexican National Sports Institution)

Fluent in Spanish and English, Beginner in German

Relocated to Nashville, TN for S4S

Mission Statement: To help young athletes reach their full potential through passion, positivity and teamwork.  

Having had the opportunity to train with some of the worlds greatest coaches back in Mary Ro's competitive years, and now in her coaching career as mentor's, Mary Ro guides every athlete with the techniques, knowledge and experience gained in both worlds.  She believes that through the right approach, both physically and mentally, a coach can make a difference in the athlete's life, not only for them to succeed in sports, but also in life. 

Mary Ro started skating when she was 6 years old.  At that time, she was practicing a variety of sports.  As soon as she stepped on to the ice, she knew that would be the sport she would stick to throughout the years.  At the age of 10, Mary Ro was sent to a summer camp held in Connecticut by Olympic coach, Galina Zmievskaya.  When the summer was over, Galina called Mary Ro's parents and told them Mary Ro had the possibility to be a great skater one day.  She knew she needed better coaching and training conditions.  At the age of 12, Mary Ro moved to New Jersey and lived with a host family, was homeschooled, and was coached by Galina, Viktor Pentrenko and Ninca Pentrenko for 3 years to try to accomplish her dreams.  At the age of 15, Mary Ro returned to Mexico and was invited to be part of the National Team.  From that moment on, she competed in numerous international competitions, junior grand prix, World Championships and Winter Universiades, for 8 years.  

Mary Ro studied university in a program made for the top high performance athletes in Mexico, which made it easier to study, train and compete at the same time.  During her last year at university, Mary Ro stopped competing due to a back injury.  Her coach suggested she start to help out as an assistant coach and she fell in love with teaching within her first day of assisting skaters.  Mary Ro felt her passion and knowledge in the sport was the greatest and most meaningful gift she could share with the kids and give back to her home country.  As soon as she finished university, she decided to become a head coach and build a high performance figure skating program which was brand new to Mexico.  

Mary Ro has dedicated the last few years of coaching to traveling to the world's most renowned training centers, while developing her program back at home. 

Mary Ro moved to Nashville to join the SHARP 4 Sports team of coaches working hard to build the next elite training center within the US.  She is playing an integral role in athlete development both on and off the ice and is a phenomenal team member ready to assist any athlete in their personal goals. 

Siobhan Godwin

Ice Dance Manager

NCCP Certified National Coach

US Figure Skating Coach

Singles/Ice Dance Choreographer

Specialization: Ice Dance, Stroking, Edges & Footwork

10+ Years Coaching Experience

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

National/International Ice Dancer

Jr. National Gold Medalist, Jr. World Championships Competitor, 12-Time National Competitor

Ice Dance Trained Technical Specialist

Integrated Support Team Physiotherapist

Master of Health Sciences, Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Movement Science Major

Co-Chair Concussion Committee


Mission Statement: To promote physical strength, motor control, technical skill, and artistic ability in all disciplines of figure skating and to encourage the foundation of ice dance education and proficiency in the development of a strong skating basis; to support an athlete-centered environment focused on fitness, injury prevention, and health in order to optimize training and athletic performance, and foster the whole well-being of all our skaters. 

Siobhan Karam is a former competitive Canadian Ice Dancer and coach.  Born and raised in Ottawa, she moved to Detroit at age fifteen to pursue her path as an ice dancer under the coaching expertise of Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband at the Detroit Skating Club.  Siobhan and her ice dance partner, Joshua McGrath, later followed the Olympic coaches to Canton, Michigan, where the club grew into an International Training Center and ice dance hub.  After thirteen consecutive years of competing nationally and internationally, Joshua retired from the sport, and Siobhan competed for two more years with American ice dancer, Kevin O’Keefe.  Throughout her skating career, Siobhan attended the University of Windsor where she completed a Bachelor of Movement Science in Human Kinetics.  Siobhan relocated to Ottawa to pursue a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and begin her career as a figure skating coach.  Her professional opportunities brought her to Toronto, where she worked as a physical therapist at the Cleveland Clinic Canada and became part of the ice dance program at the Toronto Cricket, Curling and Skating Club.  Siobhan also participates on the medical team at a multitude of Skate Canada and International Skating Union events throughout the competitive season.

With Siobhan’s extensive background as a national and international level figure skater and coach, she has joined forces with the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy and SHARP 4 Sports program to share her knowledge and experience with the team!  Siobhan’s coaching philosophy is dedicated to creating a balance of science and art on and off of the ice, and in developing our skaters to reach their utmost potential!

Robert Peal

Ice Dance Manager

US/Canadian Gold Dance Medalist

US Team USA Member

World Junior Competitor

US National Junior Dance Champion

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

CSIP (Collegiate Skating Institute Program)

30+ Years Coaching

Choreography Assistance & Development

Power, Strength & Skating Skills Development

Music Editing Professional

Current coach (and father) of the Novice National Dance Champions/Junior Medalists/Team USA Members

Assisted with the numerous national/international synchronized skating teams

Previous USFS MIF/Ice Dance Judge

Previous USFS Athlete Advisor

Relocated to Nashville, TN for S4S

Mission Statement: To encourage athletes of all ages and levels to a potential beyond what was originally believed possible while developing aspiring athletes to improve all aspects of their sport: depth of edge, power, musicality and transitions.

Rob Peal is a U.S. National Ice Dance Champion and Team USA member.  He is a gold medalist for U.S. Figure Skating and CFSA along with being the 1991 Jr. National Champion and World competitor.  Robert trained under the tutelage of Ron Ludington, Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponosov, Isabel and Paula Duchesney, Scott Gregory and a long list of other distinguished Olympic skating coaches.  After decades of training and 10+ years of national and international competitions, he now focuses his talent on training competitive athletes at an elite level.  

Robert has a blend of U.S. and European styles that fuses edgework, transitions, technique and quality of skating to achieve a higher grade of execution at events worldwide.  He also specializes in MIF, ice dancing and partnering skills through the international level, choreography and power, depth of edge and program originality.  

Robert's training has included ballet, ballroom and jazz dance along with strength training, stretching and flexibility.  He has helped to produce national champion athletes in all disciplines of the sport (Mens, Ladies, Ice Dance, Pairs and Synchronized Skating).  He enjoys working with skaters of all levels from the beginning steps on the ice to the international and Olympic experience.  Currently, he coaches his son and daughter (Ethan and Elliana) who are the U.S. Ice Dance National Champions in Juvenile (2017), Intermediate (2018) and Novice (2020).  

After starting college at the age of 16 and taking part in the Eligible Skating Instructor Program (formally the Collegiate Skating Institute) he has over 30+ years of coaching under his belt.  You'll often see Robert skating with his students at full speed working just as hard!

Eric Mumper

Technical Manager
Pole Harness Specialist

US National/International Coach

Elite Coaching: 30+ Years

PSA Master Rated: FS

Jump & Pole Harness Specialist

Dartfish Video Specialist

US Singles Committee Member (USFS)

Principle Pair Skater w/Disney-On-Ice (9 Years)

USFS Gold Medalist: Pairs

Specialization: Jump Rotation Height, Air Position, Consistency & Execution

Relocated to Nashville, TN for S4S

Mission Statement: To inspire and guide students each and every lesson with my passion and dedication to perfection.

Eric started skating at a very young age and has been pushed for perfection in each detail of training since adolescence.  He quickly became engrossed in the biometrics/physics used in the sport of figure skating.   While training under John Nicks and Roger Bass, as well as his father, Donald, who was a USFS National Referee/Gold Level Judge for 30 years, Eric fine-tuned his craft within the sport. 

Fast forward, Eric has now taught elite competitive skaters for over 30+ years.  He specializes in the technical breakdown of rotational speed, air positions, take offs and landings.  He challenges athletes to focus on the finer details of their jumps for quick technical advancement.  Eric believes muscle memory can be achieved quickly with regular on and off-ice simulation exercises as well as athletic development.  

Eric specializes in Dartfish video jump technology as well as the Jump Pole Harness.  He has traveled throughout the US assisting at countless training facilities working one-on-one with athletes in developing their jump dynamics.  Along the way, Eric has worked alongside numerous World and Olympic coaches developing techniques on and off the ice for their skater's advanced athletic development.  

Heather Mumper

Artistic Manager

National/International Coach


SHARP 4 Sports Coach

30+ Years Coaching Experience

10 Years Skating Director

PSA Rating: FS Senior

USFS Team Leader: Singles/Pairs

SHSC Board Member

13 Years Ice Show Director

International tours in Japan, China, Thailand & Canada

Choreographer for competitive skaters, Disney On Ice performers, theater on ice, synchronized skating teams, show choirs and ice shows

Choreographer/Director for The Singing Angels (world-renowned show choir)

Wife of Coach Eric, 2 children (tennis players)

Bachelors in Speech Communication and Political Science

Mission Statement: To pass along the beauty and athleticism of figure skating while inspiring, challenging, and encouraging everyone to perform at their personal best.

Heather grew up in a family full of drive and leadership.  Her competitive spirit was developed at a very young age by being around many important role models in her life, including her Olympic skating coaches and her family.   Her grandparents impacted her ambition and drive for excellence, and through them, Heather learned all about hard work, dedication, passion and professionalism. 

Heather started skating at the age of eight with the Girl Scouts and became a regional champion by the age of 10.  Heather has performed at the White House, on the Today Show, 2 Bob Hope Christmas Specials, and for Ronald Reagan, Roger Williams, and Pope John Paul II. 

Over the last 35 years, Heather has developed, choreographed, and trained her own national and international competitors into professional performers.  She has traveled to help other athletes alongside her husband, Coach Eric.  Throughout her coaching career, Heather has had athletes in all four disciplines competing at US Nationals.

Heather has always loved sharing her passion for the sport of figure skating with all levels and disciplines by assisting athletes in achieving their personal goals.   She feels the sport is so rewarding and provides valuable life long lessons throughout each athlete's journey. 

Heather specializes in IJS spin development, competitive and show choreography, program performance and consistency, personal artistry development and expression, on-ice athletic flexibility, pairs skating, and ice dance.   She also specializes in the development of our athletes at the young stages of training.  Heather's goal is to pass on the love of figure skating by assisting the S4S team in developing top athletes in all disciplines and levels.

Ginger Friedenberger

Technical Manager

22 Years Professional Skating

20+ Years Coaching

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

Disney On Ice Performer

Holiday On Ice Performer & Performance Director

7 Years Performance Director

Professional Choreography: Past National, World, & Olympic Competitors

Choreographed Shows: Chicago, IL, Tampa, FL, Williamsburg, VA, Miami, FL, Branson, MO

10 Years Skating Director

Regionals/Sectionals Competitor

Mission Statement: To inspire the next generation of athletes while sharing my knowledge and experience with my students in hopes to create a positive influence in their lives. 

Ginger Friedenberger has been skating for 50 years, 22 of those professionally and 20 have been in coaching.  Born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, she began as a competitive skater at the age of 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She traveled back and forth to Santa Monica, CA to train with World and Olympic coach, John Nicks.  Ginger competed in freestyle, figures and pairs under the direction of Ronnie Robertson (once known as the world's fastest spinner and unofficially the first man to land a quad): Canadian and World pairs champion, Gerty Desjardins, and John Nicks.  She participated in regional and sectional championships winning medals in pairs and singles.  

Ginger has an extensive background in choreography.  She has choreographed shows in Miami, Chicago, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA and Busch Gardens Tampa, FL.  She also choreographed for six-time polish champion, World and Olympic competitor Gregor Filipowski, two-time Canadian champion Tracey Wainman and two-time Australian champion Sean Abram.  She has also provided choreography for the Osmond Brothers, the Osmond Second Generation and the Platters.  

Mr. Nicks was the one who inspired Ginger to teach and originally hired her for her first teaching position and an assistant skating school director.  Since then, she has been a director at three facilities.  She has taken numerous students through their MIF and Free Skate Golds and lead them in their competitive goals at the Regional and Sectional level.  Most of all, Ginger really enjoys sharing her knowledge with students and hopes to create a positive influence in their lives as was passed on to her. 


Shannon Middleton

Staff Coach

Sectional and National Competitor

USFS Gold Medalist - MIF

USFS Gold Medalist - Ice Dancing

PSA Rating: Registered Free Style

PSA Rating: Registered MIF

15+ Years Coaching Experience

SHARP 4 Sports Coach

Trained Ballet Dancer

Head Coach Position

Specialization: Technician, MIF, Skating Skills, Ice Dancing and Choreography

Mother of Two Kids

Mission Statement: To motivate and inspire skaters on and off the ice to be the best they can be, and to share my love and knowledge of skating with them so they can achieve their goals. 

Shannon Middleton first started skating when she was ten years old while living in San Diego, California.  She then moved to Lake Arrowhead, CA and trained at the Ice Castle International Training Center for six years.  It was there that Shannon trained under Olympic coaches Frank Carroll, Irina Rodnina, Carlo and Christa Fassi. 

Under the choreography of Phillip Mills, Shannon had the opportunity to skate in ice shows and special events at Ice Castle.  She also danced for the Lake Arrowhead Ballet Company and performed in the Nutcracker. 

With the opportunity to travel, Shannon went to numerous other training centers across the country including those in Boston, Detroit, Colorado, Delaware and Lake Placid where she worked with Olympic coaches Tommy Litz, Ron Ludington, Jerod Swallow, and Elizabeth Punsalan.  In 2001, Shannon skated at Sectionals in ice dancing and then at Nationals in 2002 under the coaching of Olympic ice dancer, Suzy Semanick. 

Shannon developed her love of coaching in 2003 when she had the experience to work with many coaches including Olympic coach, Don Laws.  She now brings over 15 years of coaching knowledge to students of all ages and levels both in West Palm Beach, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee. 

Shannon is married with 2 kids and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Shannon is excited to team up with SHARP 4 Sports and to continue working with skaters to give them all the tools and training they need to reach their fullest potential on the ice.  With her knowledge and expertise, Shannon loves to bring the best out of every student she works with throughout their journey.  

S4S Guest Coaches

Anna Matuszewski

Anna brings the knowledge and expertise of 20+ years of coaching experience and an extensive background in dance and choreography to our athletes at SHARP 4 Sports.  She is currently the resident choreographer and lead dancer with Macklemore and is an Experienced Creative Director for numerous music videos, films and TV productions. 

Rohene Ward

Growing up as an elite competitive figure skater, Rohene became a professional athlete performing in both national and international tours.  He was awarded Choreographer of the Year in 2015 and 2017 and became the US Open Grand Champion in 2016.   Rohene is known internationally for his incredible choreography, unique style, performance ability and athleticism.