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Mid-March 2020, normal training schedules, ice time and on-ice instruction came to an abrupt end with the infusion of the coronavirus.  With countless athletes looking for ways to continue their physical and emotional development while seeking exceptional expertise from professionals in their sport, SHARP 4 Sports turned to a virtual platform to provide an outlet to skaters and coaches worldwide.

Within weeks, the organization was leading the way while offering programming to athletes training in 20+ countries and bringing together a community who all share the same passion.  

A multitude of webinars are offered on a daily basis and archived for those who could not attend the live session.  This library of knowledge provides any skater or coach with the opportunity to select from over 500 webinars across numerous topic areas to supplement their training in the months or years to come. 

Additional webinars will be added on a consistent basis keeping the material fluid and abundant.  After a registration has been filed, viewing links will be emailed direct to the customer and will provide the athlete or coach with a 7-day viewing window before the link expires.  

Thank you for joining our incredible community and we look forward to continuing to share our ideas, knowledge and expertise with those around the world!  Questions?  Email

Webinar Fees:
30-minutes: $10, 45-minutes: $15, 60-minutes: $20, 90-minutes: $30

Adult Hip Mobility Series

ANGELA KIM: This session explores the articular rotations of the hips focusing on complete control.   Each webinar begins by addressing functional movement patterns with the idea of finding balance and efficiency.  By mobilizing the joints, one can find greater usable ranges of motion for healthier and happier hips!

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Adult Off-Ice Conditioning Series

STEPHEN CHASMAN: This a great medium to high intensity class that caters to the needs of adult skaters.  With the main focus of building strength, special consideration is used to modify any and all exercises as needed as well as discussing alternative movement modifications pertaining to injuries or limitations.  Each athlete works through the exercises leading to an increase in strength, mobility and motivation to tackle the challenges faced on the ice.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Adult Specialized Training Series

KORI ADE: Webinars focus on a mix of stretch and flexibility, core circuits and jump technique.  Participants will experience beginner to advance instruction that can be transferred to on ice learning and coordination.  Video analysis and terminology is used to give adults the power to drive their intensity of training. 

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Ballet Lines 4 Skaters Series

ANGELA KIM: Athletes will strength, lengthen, and engage through various movements with a strong focus on line and posture.  Every week, participants will go through variations of plies and tendus, giving an athlete a deeper sense of weight distribution and carriage directly relating to skating technique.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Core Circuit Series

KORI ADE: This daily class focuses on developing core strength through countless exercises and drills that target both the abdomen and back muscles.  While working through challenges and choreographed sequences, athletes will experience an upbeat and positive environment while they push themselves to accomplish strong technique and greater reps throughout each week.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Flexibility 4 Difficult Spin Positions Series

ANGELA KIM: Breaking down each position with targeted drills and stretches gives the skater more accessibility to translate challenging spins on ice.  Common compensation patterns and work towards building even flexibility using strength and stability are addressed.  This is both educational for coaches and skaters to build a stronger eye for safe stretching practices.

Future Champions Series (Ages: 5-8)

KORI ADE & STEPHANIE KUBAN: Skaters ages 5-8 who are progressing through the first levels of the sport leading up to preparing to land their axel are encouraged to participate in this class.  Athletes will receive special weekly training sessions provided by international and Olympic coaches.  The focus of each session will include off-ice strength and coordination, mental training and technical development.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

HIgh Intensity Training Series

STEPHEN CHASMAN: This is a high energy blend of traditional and modified exercises all designed with figure skaters in mind.  This fast paced session incorporates skating specific drills such as rotational work and spiral endurance.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Ice Dance: Steps & Rhythms Series

STEPHEN CHASMAN: These webinars are a great supplemental tool to any ice dance training.  Through video analysis and discussions concentrating on steps and timing, participants focus on a different style of dance each week.   Cultivating extension, tight feet and quickness of movement are key concepts explored throughout the platform.  

MIF Workshop (All Levels)

STEPHEN CHASMAN: Moves in the field workshops are a great opportunity to build your knowledge to advance your progress through all of your tests.  Supplement what you rehearse on the ice with extra off-ice exercises and discussion sessions focusing on ways to earn additional points on each executed pattern.  The webinars break down the primary six focus points: power, quickness, extension, edge quality, turn execution, and continuous flow.  Use this outlet to educate and maximize your MIF practice while ice time is more limited.

Off-Ice Jump Drill Series

KORI ADE: This daily class encourages skaters to develop their coordination and jump technique off the ice through use of body alignment assessments, quickness/agility drills, proprioception exercises and the true understanding of physics to assist in engineering one's jumps.  All provided drills are customized for an in-home experience using everyday household items either inside or outside of the home.

Skating Physics Series

KORI ADE: Whether you are a coach or athlete, understanding physics is the key to your success!  Join Kori in exploring key physics concepts that relate to skating and the motion of jumping.  Breaking down each phase of the jump, forces that are being applied on the body and the action/reaction of movements, athletes and coaches will understand the scientific background behind their motions and provided corrections.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Stretching/Flexibility Series

KORI ADE: This daily class focuses on the entire body through balance, flexibility and stretch routines.  Each day differs in provided exercises to allow athletes to build their custom pre-workout warm-ups focusing on the areas they need for injury prevention.   Work on increasing your range of motion and muscle flexibility with positive encouragement and inspiring music!

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

Special Guest Hosts & Topics

Vincent Zhou, Mirai Nagasu, Jason Brown, Max Aaron, Brandon Mroz, Brian Boitano and many, many more!  From doubles to triples to quad development, join those you admire in the sport as they focus on topics that are important to their training.  For a complete list of sessions and hosts, please progress through the registration process to view the collection of available webinars.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.

The Ultimate Warm-Up

KORI ADE: Combining 20 minutes of stretch and flexibility exercises, 20 minutes of off-ice jump drills and 20 minutes of a core circuit, this webinar series is perfect for any athlete warming up for their day of training.  A comprehensive warm-up will help all athletes with injury prevention before taking to the ice.  Join Kori for this high energy class that will motivate and inspire any athlete to elevate their warm-up process to the next level!

Tom Zakrajsek Series

TOM ZAKRAJSEK: Work with World and Olympic coach, Tom Zakrajsek, through a variety of class topics that will improve your off-ice jump technique, body positioning, rhythm, equipment knowledge, and drills that can be executed in your own home to support your daily training.  Through video analysis, slow motion tracking, balance boards, arm weights, etc., Tom will provide off-ice jump workout tips to help athletes understand and breakthrough  the barriers they encounter throughout their development.

The Registration "SHARP 4 Sports Virtual Academy" is not currently available.