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Scott Hamilton Skating Academy/Skating Club

SHARP 4 Sports, partner of the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy, services athletes, parents, and coaches from around the world.   S4S is the high performance training program of the Academy aimed at providing accelerated developmental classes and individualized instruction both on and off the ice. 

Those located in the region will have the unique opportunity to participate in weekly programming while having access to an advanced team of national to Olympic level coaches and professionals.  Kori Ade and Heather Aseltine, the founders of the program, are ready to assist athletes at both FIC locations in reaching their goals!

SHARP 4 Sports Membership

Being a participant at Ford Ice Center Antioch or Bellevue allows skaters the opportunity to participate in weekly classes directed by the staff members who founded SHARP 4 Sports or those who were certified within our unique coach certification program.  

All skaters participating in weekly programming will need have a current membership on file through SHARP 4 Sports.  In order to streamline the registration process, you will be able to file your membership within the weekly class registration link.  

Membership Fees

FIC Membership Class Eligibility Accelerated Curriculum Tenzinga Portal Savings Package Fee
Bridge Team 1 Participants Yes Yes Curriculum Only 100%, $225.00 FREE
2-Month Trial Yes Yes Curriculum Only - $50.00
6-Month Package Yes Yes Curriculum Only 10%, $15.00 $150.00
Annual Package Yes Yes Curriculum & Training Guidance 25%, $75.00 $225.00

Covid-19 Facility Policies and Procedures

Families and participants must be sure they are following the policies and procedures that both Ford Ice Center locations currently have in place:
- Everyone must pre-register for their programming
- Both waivers (participant and guest) must be signed by anyone entering the facility (including parents, guardians, athletes or guests).
- Masks must be properly worn at all times when in the facility (except when participating in on-ice programming). 
- Follow the directional signage to assist in proper social distancing and facility protocols. 

Class Registration Checklist

In order to prepare for your classes at the facility, please make sure you follow this checklist:

1) Using the blue links below, please register for the specific classes you are interested in taking during the indicated time frame.  If you need to purchase a membership package (Bridge Team 2 and above), you can also do this within your registration.

2) Purchase your freestyle ice for the corresponding class time frame.  This will be a purchase of $5 per 30-minutes of ice time to the facility.  Use this link to enter the FIC freestyle ice registration page.  (If new to this process, please create an account with FIC first by clicking on the link and then "Create Account" in the upper right-hand corner.)

3) Sign all waivers needed on file for the year at the Ford Ice Center.  Both athletes and parents will need each waiver on file.                      (Athlete Waiver Form, Guest Access Form)

4) Upon entering the facility, please check-in at the front desk or table near the rink entrance.  Your coach will be awaiting your arrival on the ice .

November Bridge Team Classes

Location Date Time Level Type Coach
Bellevue Thursday, November 19 4:30-5:00pm BT2-3 Technical Mary Ro
Bellevue Thursday, November 19 5:00-5:30pm BT1-2 Technical Mary Ro
Bellevue Friday, November 20 1:00-2:00pm Future Champions (Invite Only) Technical/Skating Skills Mary Ro/Yuriy
Bellevue Friday, November 20 4:15-4:45pm BT1-2 Technical Mary Ro
Bellevue Monday, November 23 10:00-10:30am BT1-3 Technical Mary Ro/Eric
Bellevue Monday, November 23 10:30-11:00am BT1-3 Technical Mary Ro/Eric
Bellevue Monday, November 23 4:15-4:45pm BT1-2 Technical Mary Ro
Bellevue Tuesday, November 24 4:15-4:45pm BT2-3 Technical Eric
Antioch Tuesday, November 24 4:45-5:45pm BT3-4 Technical Mallory
Bellevue Wednesday, November 25 10:00-10:30am BT1-3 Technical Eric
Bellevue Wednesday, November 25 10:30-11:30am Future Champions (Invite Only) Technical/Skating Skills Kori & Eric
Bellevue Wednesday, November 25 4:15-4:45pm BT2-3 Technical Eric
Bellevue Wednesday, November 25 5:00-5:45pm BT2-4 Off-Ice Jump Training Eric
Thanksgiving Break Thursday, November 26 - - - -
Thanksgiving Break Friday, November 27 - - - -
Thanksgiving Break Saturday, November 28 - - - -
Thanksgiving Break Sunday, November 29 - - - -
Bellevue Monday, November 30 10:00-10:30am BT1-3 Technical Mary Ro/Eric
Bellevue Monday, November 30 10:30-11:00am BT1-3 Technical Mary Ro/Eric
Bellevue Monday, November 30 4:15-4:45pm BT1-2 Technical Mary Ro

December Bridge Team Classes

Additional Classes To Be Added

Location Date Time Level Type Coach

Upon registration, your skater will receive their own training binder customized with the curriculum and training tools needed to begin their first classes.  Over time, as your athlete develops, additional specialized forms and guidance will be provided throughout each phase of their development. 

Dress the part!  It is important that all of the athletes (regardless of age) are ready to train for success.   Our dress code requires skaters to dress in all black athletic apparel for each of their classes.  Layers can be worn for warmth.  Females are asked to have a bun in their hair. 

After the first day of class, skaters are expected to bring their training binder to every class.  Skills within their curriculum will be tested each week for progressive movement throughout each level.  Skaters will continue to be challenged and can be passed to the next level at any time throughout the year.  

SHARP 4 Sports Class Calendar: Please check the Team Up app for day to day scheduled classes.   After clicking on the calendar link below, use the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner to enter your skater's name and populate a schedule specific to the sessions you registered for in advance.  Class location, coach assignment, class times, etc. will all be available for viewing. 

Additional Information