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SHARP 4 Sports, partner of the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy, services athletes, parents, and coaches from around the world.   S4S is the high performance training program of the Academy aimed at providing accelerated developmental classes and individualized instruction both on and off the ice. 

Those located in the region will have the unique opportunity to participate in weekly programming while having access to a high performance team of national to Olympic level coaches and professionals.  Kori Ade and Heather Aseltine, the founders of the program, are ready to assist athletes at both FIC locations in reaching their goals!

Within SHARP 4 Sports's overall programming framework, our bridge program is a proud participant of USFS's Aspire Program.  The Aspire program assists athletes with the transition from Learn-To-Skate into programming geared towards achieving tests and exploring the competitive world of the sport (S4S Bridge 1-6 Levels).  Through the development of athleticism and artistry, skaters build a solid skill foundation that drives success on and off the ice.

As part of S4S's 6-month/annual membership package, Bridge Team 2 through Bridge Team 6 members will receive a complementary first year athlete membership with the Scott Hamilton Skating Club.  The membership year runs from July 1 through June 30.  

SHARP 4 Sports Membership

Being a participant at Ford Ice Center Antioch or Bellevue allows skaters the opportunity to participate in weekly classes directed by the staff members who founded SHARP 4 Sports or those who were certified within our unique coach certification program.  

All skaters participating in weekly programming will need have a current membership on file through SHARP 4 Sports.  In order to streamline the registration process, you will be able to file your membership within the weekly class registration link.  

Membership Perks

Access to instruction from National to Olympic level coaches. Accelerated curriculum tracking with real-time level progression.
Access to small group training on and off the ice. Supervision by a nationally/internationally ranked team of coaches.
Access to a support team of coaches during test sessions and local/away competitions. Weekly coach collaboration and progress tracking/strategic planning for the athlete.
Access to a personal training binder/training worksheets from beginning levels through the international ranks. Feedback/advice from a team of professionals at any time throughout the skater's journey.
Concierge coordination service (lessons, classes, invoicing, feedback, event details) Fee reductions for special events.

Program Fees

Membership Package Package Fee Weekly Class Types Class Fees
Bridge Team 1 Participants $0 (100% Savings) 30-Minutes On-Ice Class $10 (S4S), $7 (FIC Ice Rental)
2-Month Trial $50 30-Minutes Off-Ice Class $10 (S4S)
6-Month Package $150 (10% Savings)
Annual Package $225 (25% Savings)

Class Registration Checklist

In order to prepare for your classes at the facility, please make sure you follow this checklist:

1) Using the blue links below, please register for the specific classes you are interested in taking during the indicated time frame.  If you need to purchase a membership package (Bridge Team 2 and above), you can also do this within your registration.

2) Purchase your freestyle ice for the corresponding class time frame.  This will be a purchase of $7 per 30-minutes of ice time to the facility.  (If new to this process, please create an account with the Ford Ice Center through their Dash registration site.)

3) Upon entering the facility, please check-in at the front desk or table near the rink entrance.  Your coach will be awaiting your arrival on the ice .

Class and Private Lesson Policy

To help accommodate all skaters and maximize our class and lesson availability, a 24-hour policy is in place for all lesson and class cancellation/class credit requests. 

Lessons cancelled with less than 24-hour notice will receive a full charge. 

2023 High-Performance Programming

Location Day Time Level Topic Coach
Antioch Monday, September 25 8:15-8:45am BT5-6 Edgework/Turns Bianka
Antioch Monday, September 25 8:15-8:45am BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Edgework/Turns Bianka
Antioch Monday, September 25 11:00-11:30am BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Program Drills Kori
Location Day Time Level Topic Coach
Antioch Tuesday, September 26 8:15-8:45am BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Step Sequences Bianka
Antioch Tuesday, September 26 12:10-12:55pm BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Off-Ice Jumps Tom
Bellevue Tuesday, September 26 4:15-4:45pm BT1-2 SS/Jumps/Spins Laura
Bellevue Tuesday, September 26 4:15-4:45pm BT3-6 Jumps Emma
Bellevue Tuesday, September 26 4:45-5:15pm BT3-6 Spins Jimmy
Bellevue Tuesday, September 26 5:15-5:45pm BT3-6 Skating Skills Jimmy
Location Day Time Level Topic Coach
Antioch Wednesday, September 27 8:15-8:45am BT5-6 Edgework/Turns Rob
Antioch Wednesday, September 27 8:15-8:45am BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Edgework/Turns Rob
Antioch Wednesday, September 27 11:00-11:30am BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Spin Combo Levels Ginger
Bellevue Wednesday, September 27 3:45-4:15pm BT3-6 Spins Alexa
Bellevue Wednesday, September 27 4:15-4:45pm BT3-6 Jumps Ethan
Bellevue Wednesday, September 27 4:45-5:15pm BT3-6 Skating Skills Bianka
Location Day Time Level Topic Coach
Antioch Thursday, September 28 8:15-8:45am BT5-6 Edgework/Turns Wesley
Antioch Thursday, September 28 8:15-8:45am BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Edgework/Turns Wesley
Antioch Thursday, September 28 11:00-11:30am BLUE/SILVER/GOLD Step Sequences Bianka
Bellevue Thursday, September 28 3:45-4:15pm BT3-6 Jumps Antonio
Bellevue Thursday, September 28 4:15-4:45pm BT1-2 All Track Laura
Bellevue Thursday, September 28 4:15-4:45pm BT3-6 Skating Skills Jimmy

2023 SHARP 4 Sports Team Skaters

Ivy Estes Juliet Mortara Maria Ayvar
Madeleine Darby Cy Morales Isabel Cooper
Gabriella Dart Hannah Peters McKenzie Edwards
Ellie Grace Debelak Aurora Pfeiffer Lilli Fish
Noah Drews Lerah Pfeiffer Grace Golden
Gianna Faggioni Cami Reaves Peyton Greenway
Claire Heintz Adwyn Roubides James Koszuta
Mallory Hoffman Pratyusha Shanker Elena Mills
Jessica Licari Jessica Wang Mandalay Malmberg
Tait Light Melissa Wang Antonio Monaco
Alexis Piluso Hannah Wang
Alexa Webb

Upon registration, your skater will receive their own training binder customized with the curriculum and training tools needed to begin their first classes.  Over time, as your athlete develops, additional specialized forms and guidance will be provided throughout each phase of their development. 

Dress the part!  It is important that all of the athletes (regardless of age) are ready to train for success.   Our dress code requires skaters to dress in all black athletic apparel for each of their classes.  Layers can be worn for warmth.  Females are asked to have a bun in their hair or a neat ponytail.  After the first day of class, skaters are expected to bring their training binder to every class.  

In-Person Testing Procedure: A two-step testing process is used to ensure skill mastery of a high standard.  Strong foundational skills will only lead to more efficient progress when advanced skills are introduced during the next phase of development.
Step 1: A private coach or class instructor can recommend a skater's skill when it reaches a passing standard.  This will alert the skater/family that a specific skill is ready to be performed during an official evaluation session.
Step 2: Test sessions will be offered in 15-minute increments in which a skater can run through multiple maneuvers in their curriculum.  The evaluator will then be able to provide their official "mastery" sign-off if the skill is strong and shows consistency.  Once a full list of signatures is achieved, a skater will progress to the next level within that track. 

Virtual Testing Option: 
- All coaches have the option of recommending skills to be evaluated by signing off on the "recommendation" column in the curriculum. 
- Once all signatures are received, a skater can email a photo of their curriculum page along with their short video clips of each skill. (Send to:
- Results/feedback will be provided back to the family and possible level advancement will be processed.
Video Requirements:
- A coach should film the athlete doing the skill 3 times (continuous filming, no edits) to show consistency and mastery.
- The skater should be in close proximity to the coach for clear viewing purposes. 
- Videos can be captured during practice ice or a private lesson.

Test Session Dress Code: Skaters should approach these sessions as they would an official test session with USFS.  A dress (black preferred) should be worn with a bun or neat ponytail.